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cherry death star seeds

Cherry death star seeds

May the Death Star Strain Be With You.

There are thousands of cannabis chemovars out there, and no real standards as to how to identify them — basically anyone can grow anything and call it whatever they want. In other words — there are better ways to choose a strain than on the name alone.

Ryan said they got the genetics for East Coast Sour Diesel from a cultivator in Vermont, and crossed it with Bubble Gum and G-13. Ryan said ““Some old hippie lady came up and said, ‘Yo that weed is the Death’” Ryan said. “And my buddy Hash WookieMan was like ‘Yo…we should call it the Death Star!’ ”

The planet destroying weapon of an evil empire may sound like a buzzkill, but Death Star is a potent, indica-dominant hybrid that should have you feeling euphoric and relaxed, and in no mood to go out and obliterate any rebel-held planets. A cross of two cannabis world classics (usually identified as Sensi Star and Sour Diesel), Death Star feels and tastes as good as you expect. And at least for a little while, may just make your problems seem like they’re off in a galaxy far, far away.

Lineage and general info

It may come as something of a surprise, but this strain named after the doomsday weapon of an evil celestial empire was actually bred in….the Midwest, of all places. According to a Weedmaps article from 2019, the strain has been a hit in dispensaries in the Midwest for the past two decades, and it was first bred by Team Death Star in Ohio, a group of breeders now based in Nevada.

Death Star buds are often a bright green with hints of purple, and a thick coating of trichomes running across the buds like a canopy of stars across the night sky.

(The article also mentions the fact that Death Star appeared on the cover of the February, 2010 issue of High Times with the tagline “New Hot Strain Death Star,” and that in an article inside, Carlos Santana said it’s the only strain he’ll smoke)

Cannabinoids and terpenes in Death Star

An often quite high THC strain, Death Star packs a punch as well as a strong diesel and skunk aroma. The taste is also strongly diesel, though with a nice bit of citrus to it as well. The high it produces is usually described as relaxing and euphoric, and neither too upbeat or too sedate.

Ryan of Team Death Star told WeedMaps that after following jam bands around the States for years, Team Death Star returned home to Ohio, largely because “when I saw East Coast Sour Diesel, it was one of the strains that made me go, “I’m getting off tour and growing this weed. ”

Thank you for your review. I wanted somebody else to witness death Star I agree with everything you said and much more is probably the best strain on the market to me best like in my top five

I got lucky and somebody i know got deathstar weed and manage to have 2 seeds they gave me and both are growing nicely but still don't know if autoflowers or feminised.but i know nothing about strain

Awesome. very sweet and powerful. Nice easy 92% INDO cart. Recommended !! Good for pain. PTSD and neuropathy