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When you think syringes, you may be thinking of something else. Learn about the benefits of cannabis oil syringes and applicators. Since the medical use of cannabis was legalised in 2018, allowing specialist clinicians to prescribe for a number of indications, access to the

The Skinny on Cannabis Oil Syringes and Applicators

When you think of syringes, you may be thinking of something else. You may associate the term syringes with the opioid epidemic or Schedule I drugs with rampant addictive properties. However, cannabis oil syringes (aka applicators) are very different. Learn about the benefits of cannabis oil syringes and applicators and how different they are from intravenously consumed drugs.

What Are Cannabis Oil Syringes?

With the various ways we consumed cannabis or carry it (e.g. prerolls, concentrates, et al), syringes provide a specific container to allow for accurate dosing.

Cannabis oil applicator benefits

Why choose this particular method of consumption?

Despite the syringe association, this application method is far from the same thing. Often, some users prefer the term applicator in place of the word “syringe.” It’s also called an applicator because of the device at the tip. While some opt to remove this portion, the term still applies.

Back to the benefits. With the cannabis applicator, you have access to a variety of volumes, and therefore, can dispense at different volumes as needed. Another benefit comes from the fact that very little oil is lost in the actual application process.

Because of how oil thins and its residual tendencies, this is a result to celebrate. When you buy and use the cannabis oil syringe, you get all of the oil in the portions you want.

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How to use a pure syringe or applicator

Depending on the product or brand, patients or users can use the applicator in a few different ways. The most common way, especially for an RSO or pure applicator, is adding a drop or two to food. Many also might allow for you to take it sublingually like a tincture.

Other than using it to infuse your meal or applying it orally, you may also want to consider topical uses if the product is versatile in such a manner. All in all, consult your dispensary budtender about what the best method to consume a cannabis applicator might be for you. Often, the product’s packaging may also provide instructions on ways to take advantage of its properties.

Popular cannabis applicators

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of the marijuana applicator, see which to try first and to pick up at your cannabis dispensary .

RSO – What is RSO? Popular because of its namesake engineer and its seemingly miraculous effects, Rick Simpson Oil offers a myriad of benefits from potentially helping with mental illness and different types of cancer.

THC Raw – This cannabis product is as much as its name implies. Highly potent with THC, this syringe may help treat serious medical conditions. You can add it to edibles or your skin.

Wellness Options and Education at Silver Sage Wellness

Whether you’re looking for strong treatments or alternative consumption methods, our budtenders take a lot of pride in finding the wellness option for you. Ask about our ongoing dispensary deals and discounts too!

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Medical Cannabis Oils – How to take Cannabis Oils using an Oral Syringe

Since the medical use of cannabis was legalised in 2018, allowing specialist clinicians to prescribe for a number of indications, access to the medications has been slowly on the rise. One of the most common forms of medical cannabis in the UK is an oral oil which is administered using an oral syringe.

Medical cannabis products can now be prescribed by specialist doctors in the UK. There is clinical evidence for a range of conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis.

Epidyolex is an oral CBD-based oil solution that is licensed for use in some cases of epilepsy. This medication, amongst other unlicensed options available, is administered via drops from an oral syringe to be absorbed under the tongue (sublingually).

According to experts at Sapphire Medical Clinics, “one of the challenges faced by medical cannabis users is determining and delivering the proper dosage of medicine.”

So, in this article, we will walk through how to take medical cannabis oil using a syringe to deliver the dose sublingually (under the tongue).

Read the product instructions carefully

Prior to administering your medication, ensure you have carefully read the accompanying instructions from beginning to end. It is important to make sure you only take the prescribed dose – this will usually start off low and continuously increase as your treatment period progresses or until you reach the maximum dose.

Measure your medical cannabis oil accurately

As previously stated, it will be important to make sure your doses are accurately measured. This dose will vary from patient to patient and depending on the point in your treatment period. The oral syringe which accompanies the product can be used to determine the proper dose.

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The dose may be given in decimal points. Make sure to read this clearly as it may result in a too large or too small dose.

Insert the end of the syringe into the bottle, ensuring that there is an adequate seal. Then slowly turn the bottle upside down before drawing the oil into the syringe to the appropriate measure.

Apply the oil under your tongue

Once you have measured the appropriate dose, place the tip of the syringe under your tongue and gently squeeze the end down to release the oil, ensuring you don’t squirt the oil to the back of your throat as this can cause choking.

Hold the oil under your tongue for 5-10 minutes to ensure that it is fully absorbed. Taking medical cannabis in this way allows the active ingredients to absorb effectively through the thin skin under the tongue and reach the bloodstream more quickly than other products such as capsules and tablets.

And there you have it – a simple guide to correctly administering medical cannabis oils, sublingually. You can also find a video guide on how to take medical cannabis via an oral syringe here.

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