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cat piss weed seeds

Cat piss weed seeds

Cat Piss sounds disgusting. Its appearance, though, is the complete opposite. This tall strain boasts of pretty light green buds with some orange hairs sticking out. As it nears the vegetative phase, the trichomes that cover the plant become shiny and very nice to look at.

Like other Cannabis strains, Cat Piss may cause dry eyes and mouth. People must stay hydrated to combat these common reactions. Although rarely, some users also mention getting a bit dizzy or having a mild headache.

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Smoke it ahead of an important meeting as it boosts energy and promotes creative thinking. Have a couple of puffs before a night out with friends. This herb can transform even the most timid soul into a chatterbox. Whatever one’s agenda for the day is, just make sure to bring some food as this bud induce heavy munchies.

Medical Use and Benefits

As for its flavor, be assured it is nothing like its smell. Cat Piss is pleasant on the palate. It has a sweet, sour, and peppery taste with a hint of pine undertone that doesn’t disappoint.

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Originally a clone-only phenotype of the massively popular Super Silver Haze, it has since stepped out of its predecessor’s shadow to create a name for itself. The mostly Sativa strain has an ammonia-like stench that may take some getting used to. However, if one can get past its strong scent (or maybe learn to love it as others did), a sky high experience awaits.

Adverse Reactions

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Cat Piss has a penetrating dank scent with a trace of ammonia. Some people love it, others can put up with it, and the rest, well, they hate it for all eternity. The first inhale is almost always a shock for understandable reasons. Just hang in there, though, because it gets better — for real! After the initial sniffs, its smoke will reveal a peppery and earthy aroma which many find lovely.

Cat piss weed seeds

Growing Cat Piss Marijuana is Moderate


Cat Piss Sativa dominant Hybrid gets it colorful name from its smell. Yes, Cat Piss smells exactly like your cat just “watered” your buds. Fortunately, the taste is alot better with a smooth, sweet, spicy dankness that is just as smooth on the exhale. Genetics remain a mystery but we’re pretty certain that there is some Trainwreck or similar genetics in Cat Piss strain. Trainwreck is the closest bud that we know of that has similar effects. Growers will appreciate the 8-9 week flowering time. Growing C Cat Piss Marijuana Has Medical Benefits .

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