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casper og seeds

Casper og seeds

In order to maintain the old school OG character of the Ghost clone, Archive Seeds used a male from its Face Off OG line, selected from the seeds of a high quality Californian OG Kush crop in the 1990s.

So Casper OG, like a ghost of the varieties of this era, brings back the original character that made the OG Kush such a success: a powerful aroma composed of floral and spicy notes on an earthy and organic background, accompanied by an intense, long lasting and relaxing effect.

Growing Archive Seed Bank’s Casper OG

Casper OG was developed by Archive Seed Bank by crossing Ghost OG with a Face Off OG Bx1 male, and has resulted in one of the most representative examples of the authentic OG Kush line. Available now in Alchimia Grow Shop’s collection of regular cannabis seeds.

Despite being an Indica dominant hybrid, Casper OG grows vigorously and plants can easily reach large sizes, making it well-adapted to different techniques of optimising cannabis cultivation, such as pruning or trellising to form a SCROG.

Ghost OG is actually an original OG Kush clone only variety shared by ORGNKID (“Oregon Kid”), a famous North American grower, and has quickly become the basis of many OG Kush varieties.

Casper OG is not only friendly but is one of the kindest OG strains in existence. The female breeding plant for this one is ORGNKID’s Ghost OG palnt, an OG pheno with a long, documented history to back-up its provenance. The male pollen donor was the Face Off OG BX1.

Casper OG is a tall plant that produces above-average yields in a flowering time of 70 days or thereabouts. It combines the mind-crushng potency of the Face OF OG BX1 with the complex character of the Ghost OG to give what could be called an ultra-OG strain that offers power, along with complexity of aroma and flavour. It is a truly haunting cannabis strain.