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cannabis seeds for sale canada

Cannabis seeds for sale canada

Growing cannabis is time-consuming and expensive, so no one wants to go through the entire planting process with seeds that don’t work. In the long run, it’s much easier to learn to tell the difference between bad cannabis seeds and high quality marijuana seeds.

A: You can choose strains of cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation depending on your available space.

Why do we love Quebec Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis Seeds by Gender

In Canada, you ’ ll receive your seeds from Rocket Seeds in unique strain packaging and it takes 5-7 business days in North America. Free shipping is only applied to orders over $200. Rocket Seeds accepts multiple payment methods including credit cards, bitcoin, and Paypal.

How are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Different from Regular Seeds?

ILGM has now blossomed into a cannabis knowledge center for sharing growing information—both a source of expert knowledge and a beginner-friendly seed bank.

Cannabis seeds for sale canada

Not all weed seeds companies can guarantee delivery, so check availability first before checking out.

Topping our list of the best Canadian seed banks, Crop King Seeds climbed to number one! The long-standing company offered the best compromise in price, reputation, customer support, and discreet delivery.

However, everyone ships to Canada. Cannabis is legal in Canada, so it just so happens many MJ companies are now based in major cities through Canada’s provinces.

Same-day shipping does cut down on the waiting time for sure.

Can you only buy cannabis seeds in Canada?

They are from Canada, after all.


Popular Strains

Top 14 Canadian Marijuana Seed Banks

Also based in Spain, Royal Queen Seeds sells a lot of cannabis products besides seeds, such as vaporizers, CBD oil, complete kits, farmer and grower accessories, and even companion plants to help control pests from ruining your pot plants.

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We can say with full confidence all of our top picks offer high-quality cannabis seeds and a fair deal. But there can only be one winner! Let’s find out whose weed seeds met our weed needs.