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cannabis seed auction

All seeds at the shop are on stock and directly available for delivery. At the auction area you will find special offers and often the last pack of a strain which you cannot find anywhere else.

In cooperation with Cannapot (a well known and popular online seed shop in Austria) MyCannapot offers a safe, fast and secure delivery, worldwide. You will order directly from the breeder – but Cannapot guarantees a perfect storage of the seeds and a discret, serious order process!

Breeders from all over the world can easily share their own strains at MyCannapot. You can find cheap hybrids, limited strains, rare crosses, testbeans and of course also wild polyhybrids. In cooperation with Seedfinder you can share your experience, get informations and tips from other growers!

You are searching for rare cannabisseeds? Are you looking for extraordinary seeds, breed by seedbanks from all over the world? You breed your own strains and hybrids and you want to sell them? Or simply you are searching for something great and outstandig? Here at MyCannapot you are absolutely at right place!

Shop & auction:

Your breed your own strains? You want to sell them? So simply join our easy system and you get your free breederaccount – MyCannapot stores, manages and delivers your strains for you – worldwide!

The delivery:

Cannabis seed auction

No matter where they come from, the seeds are in stock and are directly available for immediate delivery when sales are completed. It is important to note that products purchased in the shop may be subject to territorial restrictions. ZmoothieZ can provide a list of delivery zones on customer contact. Once shipped, your seeds will be delivered at the latest within seven working days in France and fourteen days for an international shipment. All the cannabis seeds offered by our shop are tested indoors and outdoors for several seasons ensuring a rare quality of seeds.

At ZmoothieZ your data is safe and secure. If you wish to bid on a product, only a valid e-mail address will be necessary. On the other hand, if you are the winner of a seed sale, you will have to give us your personal data, i.e. your address and your name.

Our bidding system is easy to use, you will only need an email address to register and then all you need to do is bid on the best seeds. However, if you win the auction, you will receive an e-mail with a link to finalize the transaction. Just follow this link to finalize your order and purchase of seeds. Then, just proceed like a regular seed order by following the step-by-step steps leading to payment.

Please note that all cannabis seed prices in our online shop are quoted in Eur. They include VAT and do not include shipping costs. On the other hand, the shipping costs will be indicated at the time of the summary of your purchase. Then you can proceed to the payment of your cannabis seeds by credit card, Visa, Mastercard or American Express, via a secure payment system by Stripe. Our online shop also allows you to buy cannabis seeds using Bitcoin payment.


The basic principle: Our quality seed auctions work very simply. They take place over a given period of time indicated on our site, and usually each offer lasts several days. Like many similar sites, we have adopted the same concept of timed bids and lists. At the end of the period, the highest bidder will win the loot.

Our online seed shop regularly puts the best cannabis seeds in “auction” to allow our customers to get the best quality products at low prices. We recommend you to visit this page frequently to keep up to date with our best opportunities. All the cannabis seeds we offer are either from our own genetics or are tested by us before release. After a careful selection of seeds by hand, we guarantee that each one of them has a germination rate at the top of quality. We propose feminized cannabis seeds which, faithful to their name, have been modified to give birth only to female plants. Of course, we also offer the possibility to buy regular cannabis seeds that will produce both male and female plants. At ZmoothieZ, we have tested every cannabis seed for years to ensure that all our species guarantee quality production in very different environments, changing climates, as well as for outdoor and indoor cultivation. Just provide your seeds with a stable environment, enough sunshine and the right temperatures and your cannabis seeds will thrive. For more information, please feel free to browse our collection regularly and get the top of our best cannabis seeds. Here you can find all the necessary information about growing your seeds as well as our offers and reviews of feminized and regular cannabis seed varieties.

Privacy statement

Our cannabis seed auctions offer you the chance to get your hands on some great genetics at a fraction of the price. Alongside this, owners can also auction off and sell cannabis seeds for profit, charity or simply fun. Much like many auction websites, the same concept of bidding and timed listings remain, with the top bidder taking home the spoils. Remember, these auctioned seeds are mostly sourced from private collections; resulting in rare, discontinued and highly-coveted breeds and strains coming to light. If you’re a collector, big or small, feel free to click and submit your own listings. Ensure you keep checking back to this page, you never know what deals and genetics will pop up. Alternatively, feel free to browse our ever-growing collection of cannabis seeds, or check out our feminised & regular seedlings here.