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cannabis sativa seeds india

Cannabis sativa seeds india

C. sativa L. plants grown for an industrial purpose, are cultivated to obtain fibre, seeds, and their derivatives. These plants are popularly called “industrial hemp” or “fibre-type” hemp, and they contain low-THC level (i.e., <0.3 or 0.2%), whereas, C. sativa L. plants cultivated for narcotic/recreational purposes are characterized by high-THC level and those cultivated for medicinal purposes are characterized by high-THC and high-CBD levels.

2. Biochemistry, Genetic, Taxonomy and Legal Status of C. sativa L.

In the field of food technology, due to their unique nutritional quality and composition, hempseeds have been exploited as ingredient or means to ameliorate the nutritional and healthy grade of food, in order to obtain healthy and potentially functional foods. In this context, the first efforts in the employment of these seeds by the food industry concerned their use as a means to increase the quality of animal derived food products, namely the use of hempseed or hempseed’s derivatives (i.e., hempseed oil or flour/cake/meal) as livestock feed supplement to ameliorate the quality composition of animal-based food products (e.g., meat, eggs, and milk). Only later, hempseeds and their derivatives have also been used as ingredient to directly enrich daily-consumed foods (e.g., bakery products).

4.2. Human Studies

Elucidation of the cannabinoids’ biosynthetic pathway has been essential to demonstrate that the concentration of each cannabinoids in the plant is genetically determined, so that various genotypes related to different chemical phenotypes, diverging in types and concentration of cannabinoids (i.e., cannabinoids profile), exist. These phenotypes are known as “chemotypes” or “biotypes”, and three different principal chemotypes were commonly identified [8,20,22] on the basis of the two main cannabinoids (i.e., THC and CBD) content and ratio:

Cannabis sativa seeds india

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