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cannabis growing discord

Cannabis growing discord

Want a fully integrated, vertical grow system using Violet Gro’s energy-efficient lights? Check out the Hyperponic CropTower, lighted by Violet Gro.

Position Violet Gro 8′ bar 12-18″ above the canopy and 2′ apart

Seeds & Clones

1.49 square meters coverage per 8’/2.44 meter bar)

Vegetative Stage

In order to optimize the best results for your plants, it’s important that you provide the right intensity of light at the right time. From seed to flower, Violet Gro can recommend the layout that will best meet your needs.

Why hackers choose Discord

Other non-cyber crime has appeared on Discord in recent months too, as found in the search warrant that detailed the Hells Gate investigation. The subject of the search warrant, Stephen McQueen, was seen posting on Hells Gate about guns and marijuana, too, according to the FBI’s narrative. McQueen was spotted chatting with another Discord user about growing weed, the search warrant application read. (The warrant, which sought DNA from McQueen, was not successfully executed and the case was terminated, according to the court docket. Forbes could find no charges against a Stephen McQueen in Ohio).

The Discord FoxCult group involves chats about leaking data and using stolen credit cards.

Widely-Used Hikvision Security Cameras Vulnerable To Remote Hijacking

Shear believes Discord has to go beyond the whack-a-mole game it’s currently playing, in which offending groups are simply banned. The company should work with researchers “to address the pervasive nature of threat actors using Discord as their home.”

A return to innocence might be impossible. Discord, at least, has money to throw at the problem. In December, it raised a massive $150 million.

iOS 15: Apple Issues 22 Important iPhone Security Updates

Originally set up as a place for gamers to chat, Discord has become wildly popular, attracting 150 million users and rising to a $2 billion valuation just last month.

Child grooming on Discord?