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cannabis grow tents for sale uk

Different grow tent companies use different reflective materials for the interior of their tents but the most popular reflective material is mylar. When you’re buying a tent, the reflective rating of the internal tent walls should be close to 100%. The closer, the better. Feel free to also choose from a selection of different mylar patterns.

Features: Comes with all accessories, lightproof, reflective, has a waterproof floor, easy to set up, steel bars for hanging lights and filters.

The Apollo Horticulture grow tent, it can hold a 1000w grow light, but you must vent out the heat properly or risk damage. Also, you should have enough plants to use the grow light. You’ll find a total of 10 vent holes – use them wisely.

Observation Window

The Apollo grow tent we reviewed measures 60″ x 60″ x 80″ (5 ft x 5 ft x 6.7 ft). From our calculations, it can accommodate up to 25 plants, although the size of your plant may influence that number. To make sure your plant grows properly, Apollo offers this grow tent as a kit. In essence, you’ll be getting a good grow tent kit for a ridiculously affordable price.

If you’re in a hurry, the best grow tent UK residents are using is the Apollo Horticulture 60x60x80 Grow Tent. It is affordable and sizable enough to accommodate a handful of plants for a start and offers unrivaled benefits.

Corner Pieces

Your grow tents will require exhaust, ventilation, and cord ducts (for electrical fittings). The tents should have at least one or two of these depending on the size of the tent. Your grow tent MUST have a flood tray, and if it’s made of the same reflective material as the interior tent walls, the better. This flood tray traps debris like grow media as well as water and soil and can easily be removed.

In this part of the article, we’ve listed several things you should bear in mind before you make your purchase. The first thing you should consider is…

Cannabis grow tents for sale uk

I also thought the metal frame was decent too, and the 22mm metal poles felt more than strong enough to keep the tent upright and sturdy. AC infinity claims it can handle loads up to 150lbs, and although I didn’t test it to that limit, I would believe it.

Here’s how you set this grow tent up, for those who are interested-

For example, the frame is made of steel rather than the plastic that is sometimes used with lower-cost grow tents, giving this product a lot of stability. Not only that, but the pieces all click together without the need for tools, so you can have it up and be growing in no time, even though the instructions could be much better.

One last thing to consider is how much weight a tent can handle. You will be using equipment such as lights and ventilation equipment, so make sure the tent you buy can handle it.

2. Cool Grows Mylar Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray

Rimarup grow tentgood for someone really serious about indoor growing

The AC infinity Cloudlab has all three of these, and the 2000D fabric used for the outside is very high density indeed. On top of these three layers, this grow tent has been given ribbon stitching around one of the other points light sometimes leaks- the zips.

Like with the AC Infinity product, which is far more expensive by the way, you will have to be careful not to scrape the mylar of the inner walls, but the double layered duct ports felt nice and secure.

1. MARSHYDRO Grow Tent Kit

We had a look at their TS600 kit, as it was the most affordable for people new to using grow tents, to see what you got for your money, and basically to see whether it was worth it.

Not only that, but for reasons we talked about earlier, i.e. not annoying the people you live with, you really want that light to be sealed in, without any leaks. This is why it’s really important that the grow tent you choose has a thick and robust outer layer, a lightproof middle layer, and of course, the all-important reflective inner one.