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cannabis grow tent uk

The observation window helps you take a quick look at your plant without opening the tent’s zipper. This elongates the life of the zipper and saves you the stress. It is, however, not a must-have for a grow tent but its presence is an added bonus.

Three things make the Apollo Horticulture grow tent stand out; its size, high-quality materials, and tear and light-proof certifications. This particular grow tent is one out of the family of four highly sought-after Apollo Horticulture grow tents. In fact, it’s our best grow tent for the money.

Different grow tent companies use different reflective materials for the interior of their tents but the most popular reflective material is mylar. When you’re buying a tent, the reflective rating of the internal tent walls should be close to 100%. The closer, the better. Feel free to also choose from a selection of different mylar patterns.

Light Proof & Zipper

Most of the tents we reviewed have a 600D thickness rating.

Stick with the 6’5 tents if you can. However, if you cannot, opt for short tents that have extension kits. Gorilla Grow Tents, one of the popular grow tent companies have extension kits for some of their tents.

Ducts, Flood Tray, and Tool Pockets & Net Trellis

If you intend to grow different plants in one grow tent, we suggest getting a chambered tent. However, if you have enough space in your grow room, it won’t hurt to have another tent in the room for growing a different plant.

It comes with heavy-duty zippers which is important if you want to keep pests and rodents away from your plants. The material is reinforced by thick metal poles which give it rigidity and stability.

At THC, we stock a wide range of indoor growing tents (of various shapes and proportions), from grow tents 3x3x2 in size to smaller propagation tents and grow tents for lofts.

We also offer a wide range from big-name grow tent brands including BloomRoom, Secret Jardin and many more – perfect for carbon filters and intake-outtake fans. Whether you want a complete grow tents kit or to build your own, creating a small space will usually make it cheaper to light, cool and heat.

Grow tents create the ideal hydroponic environment for growing, drying and curing herbs, flowers or indoor plants. Designed to ensure the nutrition from your grow lights doesn’t go to waste; grow tents also keep pests out, minimise odours and help to optimise yields.

Learn more about indoor growing tents, fans and filters, email our grow tents UK team or call 01926 511151 for free advice!