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cannabis grow tent size

Cannabis grow tent size

Why these particular grow tents?

Same size tent with a 250W HPS produced a plant that yielded 6.2 oz at harvest

Example Plants Grown in This Size Tent

You’re probably wondering, “Where should I grow?” The most common options are a closet, a room, a basement, an attic, a garage, or a spare bathroom.

I like grow tents for growing cannabis because…

These 7 plants were grown in a 2’x4’x6′ grow tent with a 315 LEC grow light and yielded a total of 384.76g (13.57 oz)

How much space do you have?

Grow tent tips to try before you buy

NO two grows are ever the same. Neither are grow tents.

Planning Your Grow

Once you’ve decided what to do with your layout, it’s time to figure out which grow tent size (and shape) is right for your space.

Cannabis grow tent size

When used correctly, a grow tent lets you recreate nature under its most ideal conditions! Possibly the hardest part of being able to grow cannabis in these ideal conditions is getting set up. However, once everything is set up, it’s mainly a matter of planting a seed and watering your plants until you harvest bud!

It can be difficult choosing exactly which grow light you want, but once you’ve made your decision at least it’s easy to hang your light! Compare different grow lights

It’s important that there is an air-tight line from the carbon filter to the fan (without any air leaks) in order to prevent smells from escaping the tent!