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cannabis grow room ventilation

Cannabis grow room ventilation

Please don’t forget: When you’re done calculating the minimum CFM for your weed grow, multiply it by 3 or 4 to get a real-life figure.

When Fan Flow Rate Is Specified In Metric Units (Not CFM)

As you can see from the table, bigger case fans are more efficient and less noisy.

Example: You’re looking at a 280 m/h3 grow tent extractor fan. How much is it in CFM? Multiply 280 by 0.589. You get 164.92 CFM. Compare this number to what you need.

5. Components For Ventilating A Grow Tent

When drawing your ventilation grow room plans, don’t forget the following components (some are optional, see the diagram).

Cannabis grow room ventilation

There are other interesting fans for indoor cannabis growing; some of them can be screwed to the wall, others may have a pedestal, etc. Honeywell offers a model which can be directed upwards or downwards, as well as a double-blade fan which can be used to ventilate two different growing spaces.

When the lighting system of our growroom is on, every component of the air renewal system should be working with enough power to efficiently control the climate (26 degrees celsius should be the highest temperature during this period).

Which extractor do I need for my growing space?

Which fan should I use inside my growing space?

In this table you can see which extractor should be used according to the growing area and the lighting system.

By contrast, cooltube reflectors have a major disadvantage regarding the light output, and should only be used in case of need (temperatures higher than 28 degrees celsius) since the yields are slighty lower with this devices.

The ventilation cycle of the growing tent

In smaller spaces, the intractor fan may not be necessary if we have a good extraction system (RVK, Prima Klima). Indeed, thanks to the effect of the pressure, the air will passively enter the growing tent through the holes on its sides (to avoid light from the outside entering inside the tent, just place a piece of bent air duct in the intraction hole).

Never stop the air extraction system completely for some hours, since plants always need a minimum air renewal to ensure a correct respiration.