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cannabis grow room humidity

Cannabis grow room humidity

What are the most important points of growing a consistent crop to build your brand? Again, borrowing from the winemaker’s metaphor, it’s all about what you’re growing, where you’re growing it and the conditions it’s grown under. Below, we’ll look at how to create the best growing environment, with a focus on humidity and temperature controls .

Seedling Stage

The curing process breaks down chlorophyll remaining in the plant, resulting in a less-harsh taste. Remember: harsh buds are not quality buds. These procedures can enhance the shelf-life of a crop, which is highly important with a product like cannabis that isn’t afforded the addition of preservatives.


While it’s tough, just know that every grower working at a scale similar to you is going through this as well.

Cannabis grow room humidity

Though humidity is a big part of climate control, not all growers control it effectively.

Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Plants are picky, and though they may grow in a relatively wide array of conditions, they do have optimal points, maximizing their growth and quality potential. Just like temperature and lighting, plants feel humidity, causing them to adjust accordingly, in order to survive. The optimal conditions for each plant are based on a its evolutionary traits, genetics and origins.

The Importance of Humidity Control in Cannabis

The new generation of agriculture focuses heavily on creating the right climate conditions for a single crop. When it comes to cannabis, one very important parameter to keep an eye out for is relative humidity.