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cannabis grow lights canada

Cannabis grow lights canada

In conclusion, LED lights are an excellent choice for growing cannabis. They produce little heat and minimize power usage while maximizing yields.

LED light systems are available in single LEDs for small growing spaces, LED strips to cover a larger area, and LED panels that can illuminate areas of over 100 square feet. LED lights are also available in different watt equivalents, so you can easily swap out an old lighting system with LEDs to make it easier on yourself and get into the future for indoor growing.

What type of LED lighting system should I look for?

Deciding on the ideal wattage for your grow room doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Most LED manufacturers will market the coverage area along with the wattage. Here are three of the most common LED wattage values for ACMPR growers in Canada.

How to Choose LED Grow Lights

You already know that Spider Farmer specializes in high end LED grow lights for cultivating dense nuggets and crystally buds. But did you know that the company’s 4000W light can handle 36 square feet in veg and 25 square feet in flower?

Cannabis grow lights canada

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