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can you grow medical marijuana

They also cite information from the Marijuana Policy Project: 15 of the 19 states that have legalized recreational marijuana and nearly half of the states with medical marijuana programs have home-grow provisions. No state with such a provision has attempted to repeal it.

In their statement, Laughlin and Street wrote that, “In some cases, patients have to travel more than two hours to reach a dispensary. And for many people with serious medical conditions — such as cancer patients and the terminally ill — medical expenses, a lack of insurance coverage for medical marijuana and a reduced ability to work make it difficult for individuals to afford dispensary-purchased medical marijuana.

The home-grow provision also stipulates that cultivation can only occur on residential property legally owned by the person growing it or with the permission of the property owner. Landlords, for example, could prohibit their tenants from cannabis cultivation.

State Sen. Dan Laughlin, of Millcreek, R-49th Dist., and state Sen. Sharif Street, of Philadelphia, D-3rd Dist., who earlier this year proposed legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis for recreational purposes, have again joined forces by proposing what will be known as the Medical Marijuana Home Cultivation Bill.

To be eligible for a medical marijuana card, patients must suffer from a qualifying medical condition and be prescribed a license through a physician who is certified under the program.

Laughlin and Street in a news release noted that the current law has many “inefficiencies” that are reflected in “mounting data” from the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and the Pennsylvania Health Department.

Some 633,557 patients and caregivers are registered under the state’s medical marijuana program and 367,925 people hold active patient certifications, or about 2.6% of the state’s population, according to Pennsylvania Health Department data presented to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board in August.

“It’s obviously already been proven both in the United States and abroad that there are genuine medical conditions that can be effectively treated with this,” Laughlin told the Erie Times-News Friday. “There’s no disputing that anymore. For it not to be covered under anybody’s insurance, I think this is a reasonable step to try and help cover the cost of their medicine.”

Laughlin’s and Street’s proposed amendment, once introduced, will replicate the home-grow provision for medical marijuana patients that they included in their more comprehensive adult-use marijuana legalization bill earlier this year. Laughlin in February became the first Republican in the General Assembly to support the legalization of recreational marijuana.

“It’s something that you have to put some time into and really think about,” said Tiger. “There are requirements that you have to have as set by the state for your home facility,” she said.

Once approved for home cultivation, patients could theoretically begin growing their own marijuana immediately. But how exactly would one do that?

Tiger asked to clarify that she is an advocate, not an attorney and her advice on home cultivation does not constitute legal advice.

The greatest challenge from a process perspective will likely be the actual act of getting the seeds needed to begin cultivation. As previously mentioned, the only place currently growing and selling marijuana in South Dakota is the operation run by the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, who do not sell seeds or plants at present.

Can you grow medical marijuana

Date: September 15, 2021
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Medical marijuana patients 18 years and older will be able to grow up to 3 mature and 3 immature plants at home starting October 1, 2021, with a cap of 12 total plants per household. All adults over age 21 will be able to grow under the same rules starting July 1, 2023. Plants must be grown indoors and must not be visible from the street. People who choose to grow their own plants must do so in their primary residence and where individuals under 21 can not access the plants.

Can I grow cannabis at home?