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can you grow marijuana with led lights

Can you grow marijuana with led lights

My yields under the Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar were a bit smaller than normal and throughout the grow my plant leaves appeared a bit beat up (got occasional spots, brown marks, and other signs of light stress, especially the leaves close to the LEDS), but the buds produced with the Lighthouse Hydro Blackstar were always dank, ultra-poten and sticky.

Verdict: Great for the small-scale grower who wants to grow 1-2 plants in a closet

Which has all led to the development of LED grow lights.

Northern Lights: Quick to flower, high producing. Aromas vary from 'incense & hashish' to 'honey & tangerine', but they were all sweet & herbal on the inhale, gentle on the lungs as the spicy/incense undertones become more prevalent. You'd wish you could hold it in forever, as you reluctantly exhale, you are rewarded with one last aromatic blast of sandalwood and hashish…

You may or may not know about the LED grow light craze for marijuana growers.

Can you grow marijuana with led lights

Marijuana aficionados stereotypically feel a deep and abiding connection with the natural world, or so I hear. So stereotypically, I’d expect it would harsh their mell to know what a whopping energy footprint their buds have. Pot may look like an oh-so-natural herb, but until recently the illegal nature of it has meant not much grew outdoors, kissed by sunlight and light breezes. Instead, as you note, most crops have been raised indoors, under enormously energy-intensive and inefficient lamps. The good news is there are indeed ways the indoor-weed industry can clean up its act, and LED bulbs are a big part of that.

Unless, that is, the industry starts greening up its game. And research suggests that’s entirely possible: The Berkeley Lab estimates that upgrading to more efficient equipment and improving practices could reduce related energy use by 75 percent. And just like in our fixtures at home, switching to LEDs can make a huge difference. To find out more about how, I turned to Neil Yorio, technology advisor for a cannabis consulting firm in Denver and vice president of agricultural lighting research at BIOS Lighting. That company sells LEDs, but before his stint there, Yorio spent more than 20 years at NASA studying how to best raise plants on long-term space missions. The guy knows grow bulbs.

With recent reports emphasizing the energy-sucking nature of the weed industry, a reader from Michigan wonders if LEDs could save the day.

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Ann Arbor, Mich.

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