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can i use halogen lights to grow weed

Can i use halogen lights to grow weed

They don’t cost all that much more and they are a lot more efficient: they last longer and use less power, so you actually end up saving money.

For a small garden of a few plants in a room with very little natural light, a standing lamp with three bulbs and a movable or goose-neck feature works well. Use fluorescent bulbs with the highest wattage allowable by the fixture for the best results.

How Many Kelvins Should A Bulb Have In The Vegetative Period?

But we always recommend fluorescent bulbs for small first-time growers.

Regular bulbs work just fine, though, especially if your plants are already getting some natural daylight. They key is to make sure they have the correct color temperature, measured in Kelvins.

HID Plant Lights

These work for all plants, but are not quite as efficient as cooler bulbs for growth or warmer bulbs for flowering. We find a mix of cold and warm bulbs to work best.

Can i use halogen lights to grow weed

Unlike CFLs, halogen light bulbs do not use any mercury, which makes it safer to clean especially after a breakage. They have a more attractive colour that nears that of the natural sunlight as compared to other grow lights. Also compared to lights such as incandescent grow lights, halogen lights have a longer life span they provide the crops with full spectrum light and they do not need any time to warm up.

As much as some people use halogen grow lights for growing their weed, they come with their downsides, which may be the one reason they are not as popular as the rest. The lights generate too much heat as compared to other lights, which if not controlled properly can burn the plants. The bulbs also get too hot such that touching them with your bare or oily hands can lead to disaster. When setting them up, you should always make sure that the distance between the lights and the tips of the crops is 6 to 12 inches.

Our pick of halogen grow lights

Besides having an attractive design, the above halogen light bulb is one of the most efficient halogen lights in the market. The lighting system comes in a pack of two bulbs that give your indoor weed crops full spectrum light. They have an eco-logic free soldier that makes them safe to handle and they do not contain any mercury.

KOR 120 Volt Pack of 2 Halogen Light Bulbs

The bulb is made out of high quality eco-halogen that makes it also one of the safest lighting outputs in the market. It provides the crops with a warm soft white colour that is equivalent to that of the sun ensuring that they grow with enough full-spectrum light. They contain no mercury, they are dimmable and you do not have to wait for them to warm up after installation.