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can i grow weed in a storage unit

Can i grow weed in a storage unit

Customized Weed Storage to Meet Your Cultivation Needs

Cannabis Storage Units with 100% Seamless Fiberglass Design

Garden of flowering marijuana plants with leafy buds

In addition to providing the necessary temperature and humidity requirement, cannabis storage units can also be highly customized. Nearly every aspect of the weed storage unit can be customized to meet specific marijuana cultivation and operational needs. From temperature data logging and monitoring systems, to security Hasp locks and redundant refrigeration, there are a number of options and accessories to ensure your cannabis cultivation unit performs as needed.

We have a multi layered approach towards prevention of mites, pollen, and other undesirables that starts at access control regarding clones, and continues with our extensive HVAC system including independent filtered fresh air intake as well as an independent exhaust for each Pod. In addition, our pest prevention measures include: natural predators such as predator mites, ladybugs and the special bean plant. Our vetted Dispensary sources provide clones that are guaranteed to be mite and disease free as well as assuring feminized genes.

Green House Rentals is a grow equipment and supply company located within our Grow Space facility. Green House Rentals has an expert staff that can help you choose the right lights, grow systems, and equipment to meet your particular urban farming needs.

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The process is easy!

To rent a unit, you’ll need to bring:


Rates are for our turnkey grow solution and have no hidden fees and no haggle pricing. Depending on your Pod selection and the rental equipment package you desire, rates range between $179 – $349 per/mo.

-You will see something that exists nowhere else in the world.
-You will meet some cool people.
-You will not experience sales pressure.
-You can Grow or share your knowledge in the space.
-You will receive access to free Grow classes after the visit.

A pot grow — medicinal or not — poses
several risks to the integrity of the home and the safety of those who
live there, according to Yanez.

The motel handyman, wearing a T-shirt and paint-stained
sweatpants, said he suffered a serious neck injury in a car crash and
uses marijuana to cope with the residual pain. His prescription
medications cost $400 a month, he said.

The rental units Jill
Escher oversees on Beach Hill were perfect. While the one-car garage
below a motel-turned-apartment complex didn’t have electricity or water,
Castaline was allowed to install one power outlet so he could put up a
light and do his handyman work in the storage area. For $145 a month, it
was hard to beat.

But two weeks into the month-to-month rental
agreement, Escher learned from other tenants that Castaline was setting
up a medical marijuana grow in the tiny Third Street garage and his
operation quickly ended.

Boulder Creek rental was damaged in August when a fire broke out in an
area where about 30 marijuana plants were growing, according to the
Boulder Creek Fire Department. The small fire, which started when no one
was home, caused about $20,000 in damage.