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california laws for growing cannabis

California laws for growing cannabis

In any of these scenarios, black market sale or transportation for sale of marijuana under HS 11360 is punishable by two (2), three (3) or four (4) years in jail. 9

For one thing, the strict quantity limits applicable to recreational do not apply. Medical marijuana users can, with a doctor’s recommendation, possess as much marijuana as their condition reasonably demands for medical purposes.

5. What is the penalty for selling to a minor?

If the minor involved is under 14 years of age, the penalty is:

The sale of marijuana – and even possession with intent to sell — is an “aggravated felony” for purposes of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This is true regardless of whether you were convicted under California or federal law. 31

8. What are the medical marijuana laws?

There are strict state and local requirements for the operation of dispensaries. But legally operating dispensaries may give marijuana to medical marijuana patients and their primary caregivers with an ID card, or sell it to them “at cost.”

California laws for growing cannabis

For information on marijuana cultivation in Nevada and Colorado, please see our articles on:

This statute also says that it is a misdemeanor if:

any marijuana or any part thereof. 4

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People who sell marijuana without a license (i.e., on the “black market”) violate Health and Safety Code 11360 HS.

A person is eligible for DEJ if:

After the legalization of marijuana in California in 2018, adults age 21 and over can possess:

4. Does a conviction affect gun rights?

2021 Update for California: People can no longer be incarcerated solely because they cannot afford bail. Clear and convincing evidence is required to show that detention is necessary to protect public safety. See In Re. Kenneth Humphrey on Habeas Corpus, (March 25, 2021). 2020 Update for Los Angeles County: Except in serious or violent felony .

Medical marijuana patients and their primary caregivers may cultivate up to: