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cali jack seeds

Due to the superior genetics of Cali Jack, this strain is blessed with a complex terpene profile that everyone can enjoy. Her buds exude an aroma of haze and hash, and once lit, the smoke smells and tastes of a complex earthy flavor, along with notes of citrus and spice.

This photoperiod hybrid takes her time before she’s ready to harvest, but it’s worth it for the absolutely exceptional buds. Once moved to a 12/12 schedule, Cali Jack has a flowering time of 9-11 weeks for indoor growers, while outdoor harvests are relatively late in the year. Exercise some patience and let her go a little longer to get the most potency!

Cali Jack is a hybrid consisting of some of the best genetics out there! This Sativa/Indica variety gets her legendary lineage from Jack Herer and a pre-‘98 Bubba Kush. Between the two, Herer’s Sativa properties induce mental clarity and motivation, while Bubba Kush’s West Coast Indica heritage assists with a body stone for relaxation. This family tree results in a strain that has uniquely potent effects.

With THC content ranging from 15-20%, this strain pairs potency with reliability. Such a THC percentage, combined with a CBD level of up to 4%, makes Cali Jack enjoyable for recreational smokers as well as medical patients looking for relief from multiple ailments.

Smell And Taste

Growers can expect exceptional yields from Cali Jack when they treat her patiently! Indoor growers can expect a harvest of around 450g/m 2 (13.3oz/yd 2 ). As for outdoor grow operations, a hefty 700g/m 2 (20.6oz/yd 2 ) is achievable.

From the experienced cannabis breeders at Medicann Seeds, Cali Jack is a 70/30 Indica/Sativa hybrid bred to medicinal-grade perfection. Medicann has a solid history of breeding and growing over the last several decades, and their experience is obvious in this strain’s amazing effects, aromas, and flavors.

Cali Jack from Medicann Seeds is a hybrid that displays both Sativa and Indica characteristics. Her powerful properties lead to a perfectly balanced head high and body stone. The unique flavor is spicy-sweet, with a dank earthy aroma that will tickle your senses. Be careful with your dose, or you could end up on the couch for hours playing video games! Wait… that doesn’t actually sound too bad!

Flowering Time

The effects of Cali Jack combine the best of both worlds. Her Sativa side lends to a cerebral, euphoric high that’s uplifting and stimulates creativity, and her Indica roots balance this out with a body-heavy sensation that quells anxiety. The combination of the two creates an effect that’s both motivating and relaxing.

Cali Jack plants have Haze characteristics but have been bred to be shorter overall, making them easier to manage indoors, especially because the branches and colas will be drooping with massive, glittering flowers.

Cali jack seeds

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