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c3 seeds

Plus, at the end of this article, we have a chart of bush beans giving you 22 of the most favorite varieties grown by professional and home gardeners alike.

Blue Lake Bush beans, also called snap beans. THE Bush Bean!
Germination test date and results will be on packet.

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So, because green beans are the fourth most popular summer vegetable grown by home gardeners (tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers beating them out) we are going to give you 10 tips that are guaranteed to bring you the best, tastiest, and most productive bush bean crop ever.

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They used to be called “string” beans because of the fibrous string that ran the length of the pods, but now with improved varieties, they are really “stringless ” beans!

This makes harvesting very fast and convenient because by getting all your beans at once it’s helpful for freezing or canning. Also, by staggering planting times by a few weeks you can have continuous bean production all summer long.

They’re easy to plant, they don’t need any time consuming staking, trellising, or poling because they grow on compact, sturdy plants, they grow well even in poor soil, and have ready-to-eat pods in only seven or eight weeks.

The reason most gardeners prefer growing bush beans to pole beans is because although they take up more space, they require less work planting, staking, weeding and watering, and bush beans produce most of their crop all at once.

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C3 seeds

The PC-controlled highly sensitive elmor C3 seed counter is preferably used for scientific counting tasks in laboratories, universities, research and breeding projects or in seed quality control. Parts that can be processed with the C3 seed counter include:

Technical data

The parts to be counted are transported in a vibrating conveyor and are singularised by means of a sorting element. Both the conveyor bowl as well as the sorting element can be selected among different variants , depending on the properties of the product to be counted.

Additional software available:

By means of an additional software module, an electronic balance and a special frame, the precision counter C3 can be used for the direct determination of the 1000 kernel weight of a sample. Both the C3 as well as a balance are connected with the control computer. A freely selectable quantity is counted and falls on the scale pan. At the end of the counting operation the weight of the sample and the corresponding number of particles is transmitted automatically to the PC, where the 1000 kernel weight is calculated.

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