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butters #4 seeds

Butters #4 seeds

Blending your own nut and seed butter is easy to do and you can create many different, fun flavour variations!

Types of Nut and Seed Butter

Health Benefit: Rich in fibre for digestive health, heart health and blood sugar balance, a source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, chia contains calcium and magnesium for bone health while flax helps with hormone balance.
Flavour Profile: Neutral flavour, but flax and chia have an effect on texture – they are thick and mucilaginous.

Espresso powder, Dandy Blend or herbal coffee alternatives

Whenever you cook food from scratch, you have far more control over what goes into what you’re eating. While there are certainly quality brands of nut and seed butter out there, far too many use:

7 nuts & seeds. Almonds. Coconut. Brazil nuts. Pecans. Macadamia nuts. Flax seeds. Chia seeds. Celtic sea salt. 4 g protein. 1 g sugar. Paleo. Vegan. Keto. Certified gluten-free. 2 grams net carbs (See nutrition information for calorie, fat, and sugar content. Not a low calorie food). Non GMO Project verified. Nuttzo was Born Out of Love: In 2002, my adorable son, Grey, was three and extremely underweight when we brought him home from the Ukraine. One day, I had the idea to make a vegan source of protein by combining different nuts and seeds. My creation was a delicious mixed-nut and seed butter to put on his sliced banana – he loved it! Voila! The nut butter brand NuttZo was born! Your purchase of NuttZo is helping neglected children around the world. Thank you for helping spread the (hashtag)NuttZoLove. – Janelle, Owner/Founder. Freezer safe. Facebook: (at)gonuttzo. Twitter: (at)eatnuttzo. Instagram: (at)eatnuttzo. (hashtag)PLB. (hashtag)LiveLikeYouMeanIt. Certified B Corporation. Project Left Behind. Certified WBEN: Women's Business Enterprise. BPA free. Please recycle.


Almonds*, Dried Coconut, Brazil Nuts*, Pecans*, Macadamia Nuts*, Flax Seeds*, Chia Seeds*, Celtic Sea Salt


Work it baby! Stir well with a butter knife. Why upside down? Oil separation occur naturally. Upside down jar for easy stirring. Store lid side up after opening.