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bubba cake seeds

Bubba cake seeds

Bubba Kush is known for a super pungent aroma and an exotic hash-like flavor. An abundance of trichomes makes Bubba Kush sticky like honey. Bubba Kush Strain has a sweet earthy smell similar to roasted coffee beans and chocolate.

Bubba Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush is a popular medicinal strain used for relieving insomnia, stress, depression, nausea, and aches from arthritis. Almost instantly, the high from Bubba Kush strain can be felt right behind the eyes, then it quickly drops down into the body, turning your limbs to jelly. While this indica has a very strong body high, additional feelings of giggliness and euphoria linger in the head for several hours. The warm body effects make lounging and relaxing an enticing option.

Bubba Kush Effects

Bubba Kush has THC-A levels ranging from 23-27%. CBD and CBG levels are low, both under 1%. Many patients prefer this strain for its ability to alleviate stress, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. Although Bubba Kush has the potential to relieve many afflictions, it’s not a daytime strain; that is unless you’re looking to sleep the day away.

Bubba cake seeds

Cannabis genetics and breeding are our passion, and consecuently we have greatly invested on R+D of them throughout our trajectory of more than 15 years.

We spent years breeding seeds for the best and most prestigious international seed banks, which has allowed us to optimize our lab work and to develop top strains. We posses an ample genetic collection spanning various generations, from purest landraces to most prominent “polihibrids”.