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From dryness to dullness, this skincare range is perfect for stressed skin*. Review of The Body Shop's CBD collection containing a cleanser, cream and oil, is a great fit for dry, dehydrated and/or sensitive skin.

We Were Sceptical About CBD Skincare, Until We Tried This Super-Soothing Range

We’re not sure about you, but the long, hot summer left our skin looking seriously worse for wear. Long days in the sun and late nights with not a lot of sleep made our skin dry, dull, lacklustre, and in need of some serious glow. It’s safe to say that our stressed skin* is in need of some post-summer comfort. Unfortunately, this is easier said than it is done. Finding skincare products that nourish without clogging pores and boost luminosity and soothe discomfort without leaving a greasy film can be quite the challenge. Dealing with stressed skin* isn’t easy.

Well, that was until we tried the new CBD skincare collection from The Body Shop anyway. And trust us: This came as a surprise. As far as CBD in skincare goes, we have always been a little dubious. Beauty trends come and go quicker than we’re able to keep up with sometimes, and when CBD came on the scene a couple of years ago as the ingredient du jour, promising skincare miracles that seemed frankly too good to be true, we were anticipating a demise as quick as its rise.

It pains us to admit it, but we were wrong. Not only is CBD set to be one of the most game-changing skincare ingredients in history (remember when no one knew what hyaluronic acid was?), it’s also only set to get more and more popular. CBD isn’t going anywhere and now we can officially say we’re pleased about it.

First of all, let’s explain what CBD actually is. Otherwise known as cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical compound found in cannabis plants, similarly to hemp. However, unlike hemp seed oil, which is cold-pressed from the seeds, CBD is extracted from the stalks, stems and seeds.

So what’s so great about CBD skincare, and why is this range so different from the rest? In essence, The Body Shop CBD skincare collection has incredible skin-soothing and nourishing properties, and it’s great for injecting some life into tired, stressed complexions*. The main issues with several ranges of CBD for us, however, is that finding a formula that’s not too thick, oily, or greasy can prove tricky. In fact, until now, we basically assumed that unless you favoured a super-rich, thick, and oily texture when it came to your skincare products, CBD wasn’t an option.

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But how wrong we were. Combining CBD with the brand’s iconic hemp-seed oil and plant-derived squalene, The Body Shop’s new range, which comprises of a CBD Restoring Face Oil, CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream and CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask, has challenged everything we thought we knew. Not only do the products help to soften, soothe, and comfort, these treasures also are seriously lightweight and sink into the skin without a trace of greasiness, unlike so many other formulas that are thick and cloying.

How is it done, you ask? Well, we think it probably has something to do with The Body Shop’s proven track record with hemp. While CBD and hemp are currently some of beauty’s most in-demand ingredients, The Body Shop has been utilising super-rich hemp-seed oils since the 1990s. Now, the brand’s hemp-based bodycare line is one of the most-adored ranges around. (The Hemp Hand Protector is a beauty-editor favourite.) Combining the nourishing effects of hemp-seed oil with CBD and squalene, means that The Body Shop has been able to create a CBD skincare range for the face unlike any other we have ever managed to get our hands on.

Sound like something you could get on board with? Whether you experience dryness, discomfort, or dullness, this do-it-all range could be all you need to get your stressed complexion* back on track. Keep scrolling to discover the three CBD products we just can’t get enough of.

The Body Shop CBD Skincare Collection: Review

Look, I get it. We’re all CBD tired. But if there’s one brand that should be exempt of our collective side-eye, it’s The Body Shop. Back in 1992, they were the first mainstream brand to use hemp oil in their skincare products and since then, the Hemp Hand Protector has grown into a cult product for dry hands (and It lord knows we’ve got some cracked knuckles going on due to all that sanitising right now).

To add to the extensive range of bodycare and specialist hemp oil-infused skincare products, The Body shop recently introduced a 3-part CBD collection. They kindly sent me the new launches to review.

By the way if you clicked on this post from the homepage and are wondering about the purp skurp – this amazing video is what it refers to.

All jokes aside though, CBD will not get you high. What it will do for your skin, you’ll find out below.

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What does CBD do for your skin?

First things first. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. A “CBD oil” is always a mix of the compound with an oil such as olive, hemp or coconut.

Despite the consensus that more research needs to be done, many studies have shown that CBD has an array of benefits to the skin. CBD is anti-inflammatory, making it an excellent ingredient to use on acne-prone skin. The soothing properties can make reactive and sensitive skin look and feel better. The antioxidants found in CBD make it one of the many ways to protect your skin from premature aging.

The Body Shop CBD Skincare: Review

CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask

This cleansing mask is described as an “indulgent gel-to milk texture” with a formula that “removes impurities without leaving [the skin] feeling dry”. I expected the texture to be slightly dry, maybe even a bit gritty because of the white clay that’s in it. But oh boy, I was happy to be wrong.

The CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask is thicc as fucc and spreads like a juicy dream. I like to apply this before I brush my hair and take my clothes off to hop into the shower. It only needs 5 minutes to work into the skin and perform its magic. After rinsing, you get a a little hint of that lovely refreshed feeling only the Eve Lom cleansing balm has ever given me.

Don’t worry about your face smelling like a baggy of weed by the way. Upon application you’ll notice a delicate, floral-fresh scent but even that dissipates quickly.

In their review on The Body Shop’s website, user BigT14 describes the cleansing mask as “Jeff Bezos rich”. I’d say that observation is spot-on.

Get the CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask for £17.00 in the UK or € 20 in the Netherlands

CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream

When The Body Shop said replenishing, they weren’t lying. The Replenishing Moisture Cream is super rich, perfect for dry skin like mine. All that hydration comes with a price though: this moisturiser doesn’t fully sink into the skin the way I’d like it to. When layered over my serum, Holika Holika’s 3 Seconds Starter Collagen, I feel greasy. On its own however, it’ll only leave a little bit of a tacky feeling – which is okay, until you have to put on your mask.

If you’re after maximum dewy glow, adding this over a serum or under an oil will give you exactly that. I’ll probably use this in the evening, or on days I don’t have to leave the house. Those days are very frequent, haha.

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As with the cleanser, the fragrance is mild and pleasant. No dank notes detected.

Get the CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream for £20.00 in the UK or € 23 in the Netherlands

CBD Restoring Facial Oil

An oil in your skincare routine is a game changer, guys. Adding a few drops to your moisturiser is a great way to adapt your skincare to the changing seasons. Here in Belgium, central heating is on full blast again and without the extra moisture I would turn into a raisin overnight.

The CBD Restoring Facial Oil contains oils derived from sweet almond, jojoba, hemp and soy bean. It feels lightweight and sinks into the skin quickly.

Due to the vast difference in price, it’s almost unfair to compare The Body Shop’s CBD Restoring Facial Oil to Kiehl’s’ Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate . But considering I have both, I’ll consider it my duty.

The very first thing I did when receiving the package from The Body Shop was sniff the oil. If you’ve ever had a whiff of the Kiehl’s one, you’ll understand why. Due to the oregano oil in the formula it makes your face smell like a pizza pie. The CBD Restoring Facial Oil is a lot less offensive and has the same gentle scent the cream has. A little green, a little citrus, a little floral. A delight.

If it’s something you’re wary of however, you’ll be disappointed to learn the INCI lists geraniol, citronellol, linalool, citral and the unspecified “fragrance”. Kiehl’s’ has none of those, which makes it more compatible for the most sensitive of skins. The € 46 price tag could be justified by the whopping 60% cannabis sativa seed oil content. The Body Shop doesn’t specify exactly how much hempseed oil is in their formula, but considering the CBD Restoring Facial Oil is a mix of various plant oils, I doubt they can compare.

In performance however, I don’t notice much of a difference and due to the scent, I prefer the one by The Body Shop, personally.

Get the CBD Restoring Facial oil for £25 in the UK or € 28 in the Netherlands

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