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blue moon rocks seeds

Prepare to feel like a “space cadet” with the loopy and sedative effects of this indica-dominant hybrid. This strain can help users with a number of medical conditions.

The hard-hitting body buzz Blue Moon Rocks produces may leave beginners smokes confused, panicked, and paranoid. This hybrid’s effects also target the head to create a sense of relief and stimulation. As a medical strain, Blue Moon Rocks may help with anxiety, migraines, headaches, muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and stress. On the downside, however, this hybrid can leave users with red eyes and cottonmouth.


Have you ever heard the expression “staring into space?” Have you ever been called a “space cadet” by your friends? If so, you can expect the same vibe from Blue Moon Rocks marijuana seeds. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid sends users on an intense cerebral journey that comes with sensations of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. With THC levels topping around 24%, this hybrid is best saved for experienced smokers.

The breeders of this strain remain unknown, but we do know that Blue Moon Rocks marijuana plants are typically covered in white trichomes. This creates a beautiful contrast against its blue and purple leaves. Like the rest of the “Blue” family, Blue Moon Rocks carries an aroma of berries mixed with tea and lavender. It’s best saved for nighttime use as the effects are deeply relaxing and sedative.

Blue moon rocks seeds

Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for its complex and versatile effects that ease the mind and relax the body. Blue Moon a descendant of DJ Short’s Blueberry was crossed with BOG Bubble one of BOG’s signature terpene-packed strains to create this sweet and aromatic strain. Just like many of the other award-winning flowers from BOG Seeds Blue Moon Rocks boasts an abnormally high THC concentration with this one averaging out at around 25%. As the name may suggest these buds are formed in round large clusters that look like they were broken off the moon. The dense buds of this strain are caked in a substantial amount of bright trichomes that are contrasted by purple and blue toned leaves. The unique terpene profile of Blue Moon Rock is marked by its pronounced berry notes and diesel-like undertones.
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Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds
This rare exclusive
indica-dominant hybrid
strain was created by the talented breeders from BOG Seeds. It is known for its intense high that is both equally effective at relaxing the mind while taking away aches and pains in the body. BOG Seeds chose to cross together two infamous strains Blue Moon which is a descendant of DJ Short’s Blueberry with BOG Bubble to create a hybrid strain that would be effective all around while still retaining a sweet flavourful terpene profile. Just like many of the other award-winners under BOG Seeds belt Blue Moon Rocks is a hybrid strain that should be approached with caution.
It is suggested that beginner smokers or those with weaker tolerances steer clear from this strain as its higher THC concentrations and heavy-hitting long-lasting effects may be overwhelming to some. Lab tests indicate that the average THC levels of Blue Moon Rock weigh in around 25% which immediately explains its effectiveness as both a medicinal and recreational strain. For those looking for pain relief Blue Moon Rocks is looked to as a compelling and versatile strain that can adapt to many medicinal needs. Melt away chronic pain inflammation insomnia and many more ailments with this potent hybrid.
Aroma & Appearance
Upon inspecting a bud you might come to realize why this strain was granted its name. These large crystal-covered buds grow in circular clusters that resemble real pieces of the moon itself. The purple and blue toned leaves of this strain give it a strikingly unique appearance that is different from many others. The distinct aroma and flavours of Blue Moon Rocks are characterized as fruity sweet and gas-like with notes of blueberries lavender and diesel undertones. The characteristic sweetness of this strain can be attributed to its’ BOG Bubble genetics which is a strain that is known for its candy-like bubble gum essence. Along with the BOG Bubble Genetics this strain also contains the legendary DJ Short’s Blueberry genetics which is a strain with tremendously aromatic fruity blueberry concentrated terpenes.