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blue cheese weed grow

Blue cheese weed grow

Smell: Sweet & Sour, often tropical and/or fruity with hints of the famous "cheese" smell.

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Blue Cheese by Big Buddha seeds is a stablized (indica-leaning) F1 Hybrid bred from the original U.K. Cheese (mother) and a specially selected Blueberry (father). The smell of the buds are often fruity, sweet and sometimes sour or spicy or with hints of the famous “cheese” smell. In fact the incredibly strong smell of the buds in flowering may be overwhelming. Very popular strain that is gaining a lot of attention lately. Powerful and stoney effect has been described as "euphoric".

Blue cheese weed grow

Let’s say you bought Blue Cheese seeds but don’t have the time to grow them right now; what can you do? The answer is simple: Store them in a cool, dry place until you are ready! Did you know that it is possible to store cannabis seeds for up to five years in the right conditions?

If you grow Blue Cheese indoors, you should find it easy to train. It averages a moderate to high yield of 18 ounces per square meter, and its flowering time is 7-8 weeks. If you grow it outside, make sure it is exposed to relatively low temperatures and is located in an area that enjoys regular gentle breezes. It is normally ready for harvest by the end of September and yields approximately 19 ounces per plant.

When you train Blue Cheese correctly using a Low-Stress Training (LST) technique, you can increase yields without damaging the plant. The LST technique itself involves bending the Blue Cheese plant as it grows. You need to tie down branches that grow too long. If you pull the branch downward, an increased amount of the hormone auxin is released, encouraging the plant to grow upwards.

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If you only need to store the seeds for a matter of weeks or months, a grip-seal bag should do the trick. An alternative is a glass mason jar. In other words, find an airtight container. If you need to store the seeds for a year or longer, consider purchasing a vacuum-sealed package. It is also a good idea to add a food-grade desiccant to your container.

7 – What About Humidity?

Blue Cheese can handle a grow room with a humidity level as low as 30-35% as harvest time draws near.

It’s not just medicinal cannabis consumers who love Blue Cheese either. Recreational Blue Cheese consumers describe its effects as uplifting, relaxing, and ultimately sedating.

Blue Cheese is a great strain for new growers because it is naturally highly resistant to mold. Unlike other strains from the same family, however, Blue Cheese prefers to grow in a slightly cooler environment. It is a versatile strain that grows well indoors or outdoors and also thrives in soil or a hydroponics setup.

2 – Be Wary During the Vegetative Stage

You must store cannabis seeds in a cold location; even a refrigerator will do! The key is to ensure the seeds aren’t exposed to rapid changes in temperature. Also, make sure the humidity level of the storage area is below 10%. By the way, it is possible to freeze your seeds too.

If you enjoy marijuana with a savory taste, then look no further than Blue Cheese. This indica-dominant (80%) strain dominates your senses with its cheesy aroma and delicious creamy taste. It is a cross of Blueberry and UK Cheese and was developed in Europe.

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