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blewett pass blue seeds

Blewett pass blue seeds

Entrepreneur of Eden Road

The year 1954 was officially the beginning of Eden Road Iris Garden. A modestly printed listing that year noted, “Having disposed of my interests in one of our country’s largest general nurseries, I now have time to devote my efforts to my garden of tall bearded irises.” Gordon created the garden out of a wheat field on Eden Road (now known as Eighth Street) in East Wenatchee. The garden slopes to the edge of a bluff, with the mighty Columbia River below and, appropriately enough, Laurel Hill in conspicuous view across the river.

Hybridizer Gordon W. Plough (1909-1989)

Gordon was born in Wilbur, Washington in 1909, and grew up in the Wenatchee area. A graduate architectural engineer and landscape architect from Washington State University, he entered the job market during depression days when employment was scarce. His father headed the large Columbia and Okanogan Nursery Company, which specialized in fruit trees and landscaping, and Gordon joined the firm as Secretary-Treasurer. Architecture’s loss was Horticulture’s gain.

And the introductions keep right on coming. Current projects include just about any color, but especially blue-bearded whites and yellows, blacks with red beards, and plics in all their variation. And variation there is in the Plough seedling rows! Many of his lines are reminiscent of the Sass breeding style, crossing wildly different colors/patterns, then working for many generations to get interesting recombinations. The 1982 seedling bloom starred a host of ‘Sketch Me’ seedlings in plic-bicolor variation, with a supporting cast from many other lines.

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