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black cannabis seeds

The Black is an incredible indica not for the light-of-heart that dates back to the late 1980’s in California and on Vancouver Island. This medication is guaranteed to sooth and produce, with crystal coated fan leaves that turn from dark purple to black during flowering. With an instantaneous high and a soothing narcotic nature, The Black makes for a very beneficial night time herb. A HighTimes Top 10 Strain of the Year in 2008 and a competitor in the Spannabis Cup in Barcelona, Spain.

No, en Eva Seeds no hacemos variedades autoflorecientes, si que tenemos variedades de corta floración. Ideales si vas a cultivar en indor ya que te darán más producción, estabilidad y efecto que las variedades auto, en el mismo tiempo.

Saludos Eva seeds.

FLAVOUR: Sweet and fruity with spicy touches.

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The Black Dream feminized cannabis seeds born from the crossing of the famous Jamaican Dream and Black Domina.

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