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black ’84 seeds

Generally considered to be a mild strain, Black ’84 marijuana seeds have just the right amount of THC and CBD to deliver a positive trip to all levels of users. The cerebral psychoactive effects are strong enough for a smoker to notice but not so overpowering or overwhelming to turn users off and cause any adverse reactions. The early onset of Black ’84 invites euphoria and a happier mood overall.

Watch as your worries, stressors, and anxieties melt away with Black ’84 marijuana seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid starts out with a burst of positivity and happiness. You may see the world as a brighter and more peaceful place. Hours later, though, you may find it hard to stay awake and stay alert.


Watch as worries, anxieties, and stressors melt away in the blink of an eye. What you’re left with is a feeling of glee and bliss, almost as if nothing could possibly go wrong. Users are left floating on a cloud (metaphorically, of course) as they eventually fall asleep. Once the true indica side of Black ’84 marijuana seeds takes hold, you may find it harder to stay awake and stay alert as the sun goes down.

Hours after your initial smoke, Black ’84 comes with relaxation, possible sedation, and all-around heaviness and stillness in the brain and body. This strain can help slow down the wheels in your head so you can get a good night’s rest. The aroma of Black ’84 marijuana plants is just as sweet as the effects with potent notes of honey.

Black '84 seeds

Number of all inflorescences per plant.

The statistically significant breeding populations (p < 0.001) differed for all four measured response variables, where MX-CBD-707 exposed more intensive morphological growth (higher ratio for height and number of nodes) and formed more inflorescences compared with MX-CBD-11. But the breeding population MX-CBD-11 exhibited a higher number of male inflorescences.

Statistical Analysis

Influence of pretreatment and treatment on a number of male flowers per plant of MX-CBD-707.

The Number of Male Flowers Was Influenced by the Interaction Effect Between Both Factors

Ethylene is a known gaseous plant hormone, which is involved in sex expression in plants. It promotes femaleness and inhibitors of ethylene biosynthesis or ethylene response suppress the development of female reproductive organs, thus promoting masculinity (Kumar et al., 2009). The mode of action was partly elucidated recently in cucumber and melon, where, Tao et al. (2018) demonstrated that ethylene signaling is directly involved in interaction among sex determination-related genes by controlling ethylene-responsive transcription factors CsERF110 and CmERF110 (Tao et al., 2018). Silver ions from STS and colloidal silver act as ethylene antagonists, thus blocking its function, and in this way probably enable male sex induction (Ram and Sett, 1982). Ram and Sett (1982) showed for the first time that STS is capable of male sex induction on wild accession of C. sativa L. They also discovered that STS was more efficient compared to AgNO3, probably due to the faster transport of STS through plants. Recently, Adal et al. (2021) used STS for the chemical induction of male flowers on female plants. They identified over 10,500 differentially expressed genes, of which, around 200 are potentially responsible for male flower development on female plants. Their study confirmed that sex determination in cannabis flowers is controlled primarily at the genetic level. However, the expressed genes appeared to be involved in several pathways, such as phytohormone signaling, floral development, metabolism of lipids, sugar, and others, implying that the process of sex expression in cannabis plants occurs at multiple levels.