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bio-dome seeds

Eggplant, peppers and tomatoes all take a long time to get to harvest, so the earlier they get in the ground the better. Plan on starting seeds in March for planting out in May.

If this all sounds like too much effort, consider the Park Seed Bio Dome. Based on a Dutch design, it includes plant food, planting medium, tray and seedling containers. $29.95 for a 60-cell seed starter kit at

Ordering the seed is the easy part. Here are some more tips for getting it right:

Seeds after 10 days in the Bio Dome.

Transplant. Remember to sterilize the new containers, and splash some rubbing alcohol on your own hands. Using a fork or chopsticks, tease out the seedlings, grip them by their leaves, not the stem, and shake off the dirt around the root ball. Plant them gently in their new pots filled with potting mixture and return them to their former growing place under the same light. Plan on providing a weak fertilizing solution during this growth cycle.

Bio-dome seeds

I like this online vendor for price and availability of “Hobby Packs” like 10 of each tray, instead of 100s per case.

Another code that still works is “SHIPFAST”, which upgrades you to Express Shipping for the same price as regular.

Is it that the ‘plugs’ have extra good soil mixture in them? Or the vents in the top?

I received 3 Burpee self watering 72 cell Ultimate Garden systems last year for Christmas. They were half the price Burpee charges on its website now.

Since I started using pine bark for seed-starting, I have lost zero seedlings to damping off, and my germination rates went WAY up. (I do tend to over-water, and fast-draining bark-based mix shrugs off excess water and maintains a semi-dry surface like a charm.)

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You can use “propagation trays” instead of the flimsy inserts. Prop trays are sturdier and don;t even need the 1020 tray under them, except to catch runoff water, or for bottom-watering. Prop trays can be had with medium to tiny cells: 38, 50, 72, 98, 128, 200, or even 288 cells per tray! Cells can had in round, square, star or “vented” shapes. They might not have been designed for seed-starting, but can be used that way.

By the way, Park’s is having a very nice sale on Seeds ‘n Such for just a few days. 35% off plus a enter 15PRKCPN in the coupon code when you check out and get another 15% off. Pretty good.

At that lower price, I give them a so-so rating– if you never need to move the tray after setting it up. The trays are very light plastic. Try to move them and they’ll bend in half with all the water spilling out. When I moved them, I had to empty the water and carefully, with both hands under it, remove the 72 cell tray , take off the self-watering mat, take out the stand the mat sits on, move the tray and then reassemble the system.