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best way to stop weeds from growing in flower beds

Best way to stop weeds from growing in flower beds

Resist the urge to turn over mulch. Keep the mulch barrier in tact to keep weed seeds from finding soil. Instead, freshen up with an ultra light coat of new mulch every few months when mulch looks faded.

For many gardeners, heading out to stir up faded mulch in their flowerbeds is a great way to freshen up a bed’s appearance.

Instead of having wide open spaces providing a space for weeds to find a home, fill your flowerbeds full of plants. The more the better!

Mulching Deep

And the benefits don’t stop there. Dense plantings help to conserve moisture in the soil, meaning less watering time for you. Maybe best of all, the less you need to mulch, the less mulch you have to have to spend on it!

The more you fill flowerbeds with plants, the less chance for weeds and weed seeds to find a home. Fill those beds with more plants, and less mulch!

In the blink of an eye after stirring up the surface, they are sprouting full force.

Mulching Correctly

The number one way to eliminate weeds from flowerbeds is to keep the soil surface covered. And that means year round!

Mulch in flowerbeds should be kept at a minimum of 3 to 4 inched of depth at all times. Anything less, and weed seeds will cause havoc.

Best way to stop weeds from growing in flower beds

1 click per annual weed, 2 clicks per perennial weed.

Weedkillers are best sprayed in the evening when it’s cooler. This gives maximum time for the chemical to be absorbed and ensure good results.

Breaking up the roots of perennial weeds, like couch, ground elder and bindweed, leaves behind small pieces that can quickly grow into a new plant.

2. Use a gel weedkiller such as Roundup Gel

Few of us have enough time to do the jobs we enjoy, so finding a way of saving time on weeding is a big benefit. It is possible to treat large areas quickly and with little effort. Apart from the selfish benefit of saving time and effort, there are cultural benefits to using modern weedkillers.

In order to get the best performance from any weedkiller, we would always advise to apply the product when the weather is fair and not to apply in windy conditions. Do not apply if rain is expected within 6 hours of application as this could reduce the efficacy of the product.

3. Weed on a dry and sunny day

Leave weeds 7 days before digging or soil cultivation, for the weedkiller to move to the root. Best used in spring and summer.

these concentrated systemic weedkillers can be applied either through a watering can or a pressure sprayer (check pack details for application methods) and are biodegradable. Children and pets need not be excluded from treated areas once the product has dried.