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best way to grow weed indoors

Every space is different and there will be a learning curve to growing in yours.

Multiple harvests

The flowering stage will always take about eight weeks—some strains take seven, some nine, some even more, it depends on the strain.

Indoor marijuana grow timeline

Cannabis, like all plants, prefers certain environmental conditions in order to thrive. Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and airflow are all factors that will need to be monitored and regulated in order to keep cannabis healthy through its different phases.

Best way to grow weed indoors

Remember, when you’re directly changing humidity by adding a humidifier, dehumidifier, AC, or heater, do it gradually. “We need to have consistent temperature and humidity so the environment is stable for the plant. Sudden dips or spikes will affect the plant and can lead to stress,” added John Hunt from cultivation tech firm Purpl Scientific.

Soil or soilless? That is the question. For a completely inexperienced home grower, it can be as easy as sticking a seedling into some potting soil. But many home growers who make soil their medium of choice really get into all the ways to enrich soil and make it the best it can be for cannabis plants like crafting their own super soil or making the perfect compost tea.

“As far as any equipment goes to improve growing success, it’s definitely going to be grow lights. Everything else is gravy as you look to take it to the next level, but it’s definitely not necessary. It wouldn’t make any sense to invest in anything other than a light as a first equipment purchase,” advised Jimmy.

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Watering is something that many new plant parents struggle with. Are you giving too much? Too little? Should it be reverse osmosis or filtered? For new cannabis growers, it’s best to start off simple.

Temperature and humidity

“This is where hydroponics is a clear favorite in my eyes. You don’t need a fancy hydroponic system, you just need a jar for small plants and a bucket for bigger ones. Hydroponics are by far the easiest way to start growing plants, which is very ‘set it and forget it’. I find soil to be a bit more intensive to water correctly,” added Jimmy.

“Airflow is also a key element of raising healthy, strong cannabis plants, as it mimics the natural environment and keeps indoor plants resilient, as well as helps deter mold,” explained Bill Campbell, director of cultivation for cannabis grower CAMP.

Another way to make things more comfortable for your plants is with good air circulation.

Image lightbox

Seedlings and maturing plants in the vegetative stage of growth need lots of light. These plants should get at least 12 and ideally 18 hours of direct light per day, which means if you’re growing a photoperiod plant and relying on sunshine alone, you need to time the growing cycle to maximize the increasingly long daylight hours of spring and summer.

If you choose to supplement your grow space with artificial light, how do you choose which grow lights to go with? Today there are lots of options available for hobby growers, like compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or light-emitting diodes (LEDs), among others. Each has its own pros and cons as far as initial investment, useful life, energy efficiency, and ease of use are concerned, so do a little homework to figure out which is the best option for your needs and cultivation space. “A good accessory would be a small timer to plug the light into and turn it off during the night,” added Belanger.

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