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best t5 bulbs for growing weed

Best t5 bulbs for growing weed

Training plants to grow very short will produce the best yields with T5 grow lights

The great thing about fluorescent grow lights is that they don't get very hot, and they can usually be kept 1-4 inches from the tops of the plants at all times without having to worry about burning your cannabis leaves or buds.

For optimal results, for vegetative growth choose fluorescent light bulbs that are labeled either as "Cool White" or "Cool" colored (also labeled as "6500k" colored).

A few years ago, growers usually only used fluorescent tube lighting as a supplemental light for cannabis plants, or for young seedlings and clones only.

Best t5 bulbs for growing weed

Although, you can change these as per your liking and knowledge, there’s no hard and fast rule about the exact temperature value. Most of the T5 grow lights you will find online have these bulb temperatures.

This is very important aspect of buying a T5 grow light. Always go with a manufacturer who has enough experience and reputation in marijuana growing community. This way you can be sure that you are buying lighting systems that are already tested out by others.

Feature Guide

Fixtures : the most common fixture you will find is 4 or 2 feet T5 grow lights. This fixture can have any from 1 to 12 bulbs in them. The general rule here is that if you have only a few marijuana plants then you will get away with using 1 or 2 bulbs. However, if you got many plants then you would need 8 bulbs or 12 bulbs fixture.

Let’s start with the detailed best T5 grow lights reviews now, shall we?

DuroLux DL824J T5 Fixture Review – Best T5 grow light for midrange buyers

In this particular post, we have selected the very best T5 grow lights from the market 2019 . These Best T5 grow lights are very good and popular with marijuana growers.

Best t5 bulbs for growing weed

All plants veg, i.e. they go through the vegging (or growth) phase. During this phase, they grow. Ideally, they want more blue light during this stage, which is why vegging bulbs emit a cool white light that contains more light in the blue wavelengths (color temp around 6000K to 6500K).

Best Budget T5 HO Tubes

But they are better than other fluorescent bulbs.

What is Vegging?

DuroLux cost a bit less than the Hydrofarm lights, but there is also a drop in quality that comes along with that. That is to be expected. Despite the rock-bottom price, the DuroLux fixtures are a notch above other budget fixtures. They are better made and have a lower failure rate.