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best soil to use for growing weed

Best soil to use for growing weed

At, we took the liberty of recommending a few store-bought soils for your cannabis plants. Please note that these are NOT for seedlings, as they contain too many nutrients. These are soils designed to help your plant thrive once it reaches the vegetative stage. Otherwise, you need to look at potting soil brands when your plant is still a seedling.

Before we continue with the best soil brands for growing cannabis, let’s look at general guidelines for indoor and outdoor soil.

If you are a beginner grower, you must purchase your soil from a garden store. Did you know that the vast majority of expert growers also buy their soil? A handy tip when talking with a store employee is to ask about the right kind of soil for tomatoes. It is an excellent option if you feel uncomfortable disclosing your desire to grow weed!

Of course, ample water and oxygen in the soil is a must.

Best Cannabis Soil Brands

Irrigation in soil is easier than with hydroponic systems, as is fertilization. With so much information gathered from thousands of years of growing, you can quickly become a soil expert as long as you read the right articles!

It is normal to go to your local garden store full of enthusiasm. That is until you are knocked back by the enormous number of options. First of all, please note that buying it in bulk could be a mistake. There are no certifications or standards attached to soil quality. Believe it or not, some of these sellers provide you with soil from construction sites. They could even sell soil excavated from basements!

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Loam is, without doubt, the favorite weed soil of growers. It makes the best soil for potted plants and is probably the best soil for plants in general. It contains the right balance of all three soil types (clay, silt, and sand) along with humus. This combination ensures that loam has high calcium levels, but it also has a relatively high pH.

Best Soil for Growing Weed Outdoors

As long as you choose correctly, your cannabis soil should already have a vast array of nutrients because it consists of organic material. One mistake is to try and add organic material such as animal manure and rotting vegetables directly to the plants as fertilizers. You must break down the content first if you want your marijuana plants’ roots to absorb the nutrients.

It is unlikely that your cannabis soil will have the ideal drainage, texture, and water retaining abilities. Fortunately, there are a host of amendments available to alter the drainage, texture, and water-retaining capacity of your soil. Here are four of the most popular:

Best soil to use for growing weed

These beneficial microorganisms allow cannabis growers to grow successfully from seed, seedlings, flowering to harvesting. Natural Living Soil Autoflower is also a blend of soil with other incredible ingredients. These include organic earthworm castings, Epsom salt, aloe Vera microorganisms, Bone meal, blood meal, kelp meal, Azomite, coconut water powder, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, and Dolomite lime.

Foxfarm FX14053 Ocean Forest Plant Garden PH Adjusted 12 Quarts Potting Soil Blend Mix For Containerized Plants, 11.9 Pound Bag (2 Pack)

5. Coast of Maine Organic Stonington Mix

This soil mixture is for cannabis containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that foster your plants’ thriving. However, these ingredients make this soil costly. The good news is that investing in it will help you harvest heavily and on time. Besides, despite the hefty price of Coast of Maine organic Stonington, it performs awesomely well. It is super soil for cannabis you will come across. Above all, it is ideal for every cannabis grower; thus, you shouldn’t think twice about ordering this soil if you are a beginner.

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Best Soil for Cannabis Reviews

Despite being one of the best organic potting soil blends for your cannabis plants, Organic Super Soil is still expensive than other counterparts with the same ingredients. One bag of this soil cannot fill the whole 5-gallon pot. This is one reason that makes this soil option expensive if you are planting several plants.

Best soil to use for growing weed

Super Soil has a colony of micro-organisms living in the soil which form a symbiotic relationship with your plant roots. They deliver nutrients to your plant, and in return they eat the sugars that get secreted by your roots!

However, when growing with Super Soil, it’s a good idea to avoid watering too much at a time, as extra runoff waterwill drain away some of the nutrinets. Try to give just enough water to saturate the soil with very little extra coming out the bottom. Since you won’t be adding more nutrients through the grow, you want to conserve what’s in the soil!

The following video shows the soil texture you want (this is Coco Loco, an excellent soil for growing cannabis)

Coco Coir

Kind “Super” Soil (Living Soil)

Example of happy marijuana plants in good soil!

The “micro-herd” in the soil delivers nutrients directly to your plants. As long as you’re using decent water, you usually don’t need to worry about pH or other things that can disrupt nutrient absorption in regular soil.

Note: You’ll likely never see any soil mix with ALL those ingredients, but I wanted to share examples of common cannabis-friendly ingredients and amendments that often appear on the label of good soil

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Organic Potting Mix

Good Cannabis Soil
Another light, rich soil mix with great drainage. Although there is a wood chip in this picture, for the most part the mix is completely composted and broken down. It’s normal to see some wood pieces in composted soil, but you don’t want to have to wait for a lot of wood to break down while your plants are growing – you want all that rich nutrient goodness to be readily available to your plant roots

Although that list looks vague and complicated at the same time, the requirements you want to meet are actually pretty simple; let me break it down!