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best soil to grow cannabis uk

Ok so after my previuos 2 attempts didnt go to well , both either ended up with p lockout out or n defiency , ive decided to give it a go with some decent soil as the last soil i used was just basic sh!tty soil.
Im going to be growing autos, so and advice on soil and which nutes to use with soil appreciated, and also if nutes are going to be needed in veg as will there be enough nutes in veg for the short veg of an auto or will more needed to be added , please bare in mind im in the uk so fox farm soil isnt available.

The 2 ive been lookin at are bio bizz all mix but ive heard more perlite is needed to be added and another called plagron.

Best soil to grow cannabis uk

Fox Farm Original Soil Mix is made up of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, and earthworm castings. All these ingredients are used to make the soil more effective at holding moisture around plant roots which in turn makes for glorious cannabis buds!

Perlite is a primary material that cannabis growers use to increase the amount of air inside a cannabis potting soil mixes. Not all cannabis soil brands contain perlite, so it’s essential to understand if your soil for marijuana is too heavy.

Coast of Maine – Platinum Grower’s Mix, Super Soil

Of these three factors, cannabis soil composition is one of the most easily modified to suit the needs of cannabis crops. Due to this, marijuana soil mixtures are a booming industry.

We’ve previously featured their highly rated and popular worm castings in our best worm casting review. Well, Brut has now released this fantastic new all-in-one soil to compete with the more established well-known brands.

Qualities to Look for in a Good Cannabis Soil?

If you’re looking to experiment with a different soil for your next cannabis grow, then why not give Brut super soil a try? You never know, your plants may just find their new best friend.