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best led grow lights for weed

Best led grow lights for weed

You may have noticed that most LED lights have two different wattage figures. One of these is the potential wattage and the other the actual wattage. The potential wattage is the wattage the light could run at if the LED chips were running at full power. For example, a light with two hundred 3w LEDs has a potential wattage of 600.

They have a great spectrum that is made up mostly of red diodes, a lot of blue and some white LEDs. This is very effective for plants during both veg and bloom, but I would prefer a bit more white light, to be honest (like the COB or quantum board lights that are also on this list).

You’ll have to decide for yourself how you feel about this. Personally, I would pay a bit more and go with Spider Farmer (or pay even more for HLG), unless those companies did not have a light in the size I wanted. Then I would go with one of these Mars fixtures.

Light Intensity

As a company Mars tends to do things like this, which is why I am always a bit reluctant to recommend them. I have to remind myself that most Chinese brands operate like this and the bottom line is that Mars makes good lights that perform well (though never as well as they claim).

During flowering, plants need more reddish light and also more intensity. This light has wavelengths that range between 650-700 nanometers.

Real Wattage And Theoretical Wattage

In the past HLG was only a bit better than good Chinese brands in this department. And I was very critical of them for this on this site.

The problem is that there are so many different options on the market. And unfortunately, most of those options just aren’t any good.