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best growing techniques for cannabis

Best growing techniques for cannabis

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Marijuana pruning, all techniques

We will also show you how to take advantage of the SOG and SCROG cultivation methods, which although they are well known, there are few growers who know how to reap all their benefits.

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You will also learn to build and of course to use a hydroponic system, also aeroponics and vertical crops as well as the best techniques for the cultivation of autoflowering plants, these cultivars are relatively new and it’s interesting to know all their nuances with the aim of not to and waste time.

Indoor Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

Whether you grow your marijuana on balconies, greenhouses or large terraces, if you want to get the best results you are in the right place.

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Best growing techniques for cannabis

Flushing is where you pour clean water through the soil of a plant in order to flush out all of the nutrients and solids. This is done if the plant is in distress and needs to start with fresh nutrients and growing medium. In a hydroponic system , the water reservoir is drained and refilled with fresh, plain water.

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One of the cool things about Monster Cropping is that you don’t have to keep the mother plant in order to let the clones grow. Many times the mother plant becomes big and spreads out. You can take several cuttings to save space, harvest the mother and still have several plants that will be ready for harvest much sooner than if you were to start again from seed.

Topping involves cutting off the top of your plant to encourage it to grow more thick and full. It might seem like a crazy idea to cut the top off of a perfectly healthy plant, but it’s a tried and true method used by farmers of many plant types. Instead of your plant growing tall and skinny, topping will make your plant grow more bushy and lead you to a higher yield.

9. Flushing

One of the toughest things to manage in any indoor garden is height. Sometimes you come across a strain or plant that wants to become a tree (yes we are looking at you sativa dominant strains!). In this case we can utilize several methods to keep the plant away from burning on the grow light.

Lollipopping is where you remove the side branches and the small low branches on your plant. Once you remove the small branches your plant will be able to put all of its energy into the main branches. It’s very similar to the regular pruning that is done to trees and other plants.

In order to switch the plant back to vegetative growth, you simply need to give the plants more light than you would in the flowering stage.

10. Main Lining

Check out THIS Video to see a lollipopping tutorial (skip to 7:45 for the lollipoping process!)

Similar to topping, but more of a ‘haircut’ than actually removing the whole top. It’s less traumatic to the plant. Fimming encourages bushy growth and increases cola yields.