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best cannabis grow forum

Best cannabis grow forum

It's where the bulk of the refugees ended up, it's where a lot of current and successful breeders hang out and it continues to be the best source for ACCURATE information regarding cannabis.

Most of the other English sites you listed are heavily populated by 12-17 yearolds spouting off things they "heard" and/or wondering how to grow in their parent's house without getting caught. Useful for entertainment purposes but not much else.

Best cannabis grow forum

Leafly is one of the most popular cannabis-themed social networks, with a community of more than five million members. It is an online platform where users can review and rate strains or start discussions about various topics related to cannabis.


Weedmaps is to the cannabis industry as Yelp is to restaurants. Weedmaps is a directory for dispensaries and delivery services. There’s no social aspect, but it does provide access to an impressive amount of information about each listing you find on their site. You can read reviews from other users who have tried the product or service, read up on a dispensary’s hours and location, look at their menu of products available for sale as well as prices.


LeafedOut is a marketing platform for cannabis business social networks that provides a suite of tools to grow your reach and promote events, products, or cannabis brands. This site is an excellent resource for cannabis enthusiasts and hobbyists. They have over 20K Facebook followers, so you should quickly find the information or people you’re looking for!