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berry blossom seeds

Berry blossom seeds

CBD 27:1, Easily capable of achieving 30:1 CBD to THC or more depending on growing conditions. USDA Farm Bill Compliant with Total THC < 0.3%

Plant Characteristics Full and very bushy hedge like structure. Rapid and abundant vegetative growth, tight nodal spacing, with thick sturdy stalks and heavy flower yields. Creates abundant shade to its root zone and can thrive in high heat. Dense and abundant sparkling lime green flower yields.

Harvest FINISHES EARLY! Late September to early October.

Potential Yield 2-4 lbs+ per plant if allowed to go to full size.

** It depends on the cultivation techniques. and the harvesting method used.

* CBD is a molecule belonging to the cannabinoid family. At the moment 140 of them have been identified in the hemp inflorescences. CBD can be influenced by various chemical-physical, genetic and environmental factors. Therefore, each strain could develop a variable CBD content based on the phenotypes in the field.

The seed, if stored in a cool and dry place, retains the germination capability for the following year as well.

*** The seed booking season runs from November to March, the seed purchased outside the distribution campaign has an extra cost of 10% compared to the original price.