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bat guano growing weed

Bat guano growing weed

Guano is considered the most efficient natural fertilizer in the world. It can help your weed develop beautiful, strong, oily flowers. It contains 33 times more nitrogen than regular animal manure and is rich in many minerals. Guano fertilizer is harvested from the decomposed excrement of bats. You can spend a lot of money and buy dozens of bottles of chemical fertilizer designed to strengthen your buds. However, none of them work as well as an all-natural organic fertilizer made by these furry flying mammals.

A long history between guano and plants

Yes, you read that right: the best organic fertilizer in the world is made from bat droppings. Specifically, bats living in caves, which are mainly found in Mexico, Jamaica and Indonesia.

Guano law

The real reason why you should be interested in a raw material that comes out of the bat hole. It is that it is a crazy fertilizer that will take care of your flowers.

Bat guano growing weed

You can also create a compost tea, which is basically a liquid version of your compost heap. You need organic molasses, organic compost, water, a bucket, and a few other materials. It normally takes around three days to make, and you should use it as soon as possible.

If your plants are being overfed, perform a flush with pH neutral water, but don’t do it in the week before forcing the plants into flowering.

As urine contains a lot of salt, it must be diluted to a ratio of at least one-part urine, 10 parts water. DO NOT URINATE DIRECTLY ON THE PLANTS! It will probably kill them. If you plan to use your wee on potted plants or seedlings, dilute the urine to a 1:20 ratio in water.


There are tried and trusted products such as Miracle-Gro that are worth buying if you are a novice grower. Over time, however, you will learn that pre-packaged products are expensive and wasteful, not to mention bad for the environment. Once you learn how to create your own organic fertilizer, there’s a danger you will get addicted!

Perlite is normally white, traps water, and has a slightly alkaline pH. Vermiculite is tan or brown, absorbs water, and has an almost neutral pH. The two materials are often sold together despite their differences, and the combination absorbs water up to four times its weight.

When Should I Stop Fertilizing?

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Although you can use ready-made fertilizers as a novice, it is best to educate yourself on the topic and learn how to create organic fertilizers. Not only will it be better for the soil, and the environment in the long-term, it also helps you gain valuable insight into the world of gardening. The more knowledge you possess, the more likely it is that you will grow bigger plants and enjoy greater yields.