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Organically Grown to Become One of America’s Most Trusted Brands in the CBD Industry, Direct From The Farm to Your Door BALANCE is a sublingual, day or night formula that improves the mood, decreases stress, and alleviates anxiety. It contains whole plant hemp oil, CBD, CBG, and terpenes to help you achieve a calm and balanced mindset. Buy Doctor Formulated CBD safely and securely with Balance CBD. Award winning CBD for sale – Love it or your money back. Choose Balance CBD today!

CBD you can trust

The safest, broad spectrum, 100% organic CBD products on the market. THC-free, pure CBD made with all natural ingredients.

CBD you can trust

The safest, broad spectrum, 100% organic CBD products on the market. THC-free, pure CBD made with all natural ingredients.

Best Selling Products

500 MG Hemp Oil Tincture

25mg Power Rings CBD Peach Gummy Rings

300MG Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract for Pets

1000mg Extra Strength CBD Pain Cream

Experience the Quality of Life’s Balance CBD

100% Organic

Our products are grown in the U.S.A. using organic farming practices.

Co2 Extraction Process

Our proprietary C02 extraction process ensures the preservation of nearly all beneficial hemp derived cannabinoids and terpenes while allowing us to eliminate unwanted compounds.

THC Free

Zero THC means our products produce absolutely no psychoactive effects, or side effects associated with THC

Fully Traceable / 3rd Party Tested

Ensuring our customers get the highest quality of our product.

Fully licensed and registered

Grown in full compliance under section 7606 of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill.

Natural Genetic Strains / Broad Spectrum Profile

All of the synergistic compounds found in our plants have evolved naturally to support a high amount of phytocannabinoids.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. It has medicinal effects but does not make a person feel stoned or high. Cannabidiol or CBD oil has become very popular for pain treatment. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can be used to help manage chronic pain in many cases.

The Life’s Balance Team

The Life’s Balance CBD team is a diverse group of people across many fitness disciplines. From holding world records to losing weight, they all offer a unique perspective on their fitness journey.

What Everyone is Saying

Life Balance CBD was introduced to me in 2016 and I have been a customer every since. I initially got the 1000 mg oil and it was the best sleep and recovery aid while on competition prep. I highly suggest Life Balance CBD and I also recommend the Power Rings.

Justin BOFLEX Bohannon

Using Life’s Balance CBD oil and gummies have transformed how I compete. Previously nerves would rule the stage…NOW I own that stage every single time I step on it. My legs are no longer weak and shaky from the adrenaline that pumps through my body. I’m cool, calm, and collected. Thanks Life’s Balance!


Life’s Balanced CBD oil is a part of my every day life. I’ve always struggled with severe anxiety, and especially in the middle of the night. I take Life’s Balanced CBD oil to help when anxiety/stress is high and every night before bed. It is a life changer!


We have a male yorkie poo that is 6 years old and very protective. So much so, that when we have company coming over we need to put him in another room so he doesn’t bombard the guests and jump all over them. In addition to that, loud noises set him barking horribly, so 4th of July is a nightmare. We started giving him LIfe’s Balance dog treats about 30 minutes before we think there will be a ‘disturbance’ in the force for him and he is carefree for the most part and much easier going! Great product and I highly recommend!!

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I use it for inflammation & pain after training in the gym & of course my anxiety. It seems to help me be not such a ball of anxiety.


I have been a weight lifter and competitive in strength sports for over 30 years and my body has the wear and tear to show for it. From achy joints to torn muscles, I have it all. I started using Life’s balance CBD last year, and have used all the products from the gummies and peach rings to the oil and muscle cream. It has made a noticeable difference in my pain management and rest/recovery. I use the cream before and/or after heavy workouts or even when I first wake up to get myself moving. I’ll take a few gummies throughout the day during work to help with stress and will sometimes take the peach rings at night to get a good sleep, which helps in the recovery aspect. I’m more than satisfied with the degree at which Life’s Balance goes to in order to ensure they only have the highest quality available and I love all the products!


I prefer Life Balance CBD because you can actually feel a difference with their products. I use it for everything from an anxiety and sleep to the topical cream for pain and itch relief. I’ve tried other brands, but they just don’t give me the same results!


I have tried other CBD oils, but none as good as Life’s Balance! It helps with pain and the restless feeling I used to have at night, and I’m sleeping so much better now. I love that it’s all natural and 100% organic!


My middle daughter has been dealing with crippling anxiety most of her short life, to the point where it’s a struggle for her to leave her room at times. We started her on CBD oil late last year to help her get to sleep as well as deal with her anxiety during the day and it’s made a world of difference. The anxiety is still there and some days are worse than others, but with the help of Life’s Balance CBD she can deal with the outside world much more effectively and the additional sleep she gets with it has helped a ton as well. We are so grateful for companies like Life’s Balance that truly care about the consumer and making sure they provide a quality product!

BALANCE Hemp CBD + CBG | MINERAL | Premium Whole-Plant Hemp Formulations

Cooling, calming, and mood-improving, BALANCE is an anytime formula for stressed and anxious individuals seeking alternatives to less than advantageous vices.


Strength of formulation

Whole Plant Content

Directly impacts the body’s ability to absorb and activate the formula

Citrus, Raspberry, White Jasmine

Hemp Oil Extract, Organic MCT Oil from Coconuts, Limonene

Use day or night to achieve a calm in the body and mind.

Ideal for introducing an essential calm to the body and mind in a mid-afternoon to early evening application. We recommend an acclimation period that begins with a ½ dropper.

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1 Dropper: 33 mg, ½ Dropper: 17 mg, ¼ Dropper: 8 mg

When should I take BALANCE?

This formula can be taken anytime – day or night. If you’re combining it with SLEEP, then take BALANCE in the morning and SLEEP in the evening. Otherwise, it can be taken anytime you need to relax or feel anxiety coming on.

Will BALANCE interact with other medications I’m taking?

BALANCE is an all-natural, plant-based product and is separate from any synthetic medication. However, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor if you have any medical questions or concerns.

How do I know if BALANCE is right for me?

BALANCE is a versatile product that can assist anyone dealing with anxiety, stress, PTSD, mood swings, nervousness, tension, or pain in the body. It provides relief in the body and mind.

Can I take BALANCE if I’m pregnant or nursing?

We recommend consulting your physician before using our products if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Are your products cruelty free and vegan?

Yes, all of our products are 100% cruelty free and vegan.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our bottles are made from glass and are 100% recyclable. Our boxes are made from hemp and are compostable.

BALANCE is amazing

I cannot say enough good things about this product. as far as cbd sublinguals go. this one works the best. it helps me feel more balanced and less stressed/anxious. my mind feels so much clearer and I notice less pain/inflammation in my body when I take it. highly recommend!

Amazing Results!

Balance surely lives up to it’s name! I suffer from complex PTSD, and finding balance is difficult for me. I have tried many different CBD products over the past years, but this is the best!


Love the product. Love the company’s prompt service. Favorite on the market so far, looking forward to being a loyal customer

Balanced Rocks!!

This is my 3rd bottle of Balance and I love it. Feel better, muscles relax, pain goes away and I always sleep better!. I will order more for sure.


I have used Balance for the past 8 months for stress and anxiety and just overall mood. I have also used a couple of other different brands for stress, but the Mineral Balance is by far the best product. It’s amazing how much better I feel on a daily basis. My schedule is hectic and my job is stressful, but the Balance seems to make my days much more bearable. I also did not want to go on any type of anxiety medicine and wanted an all natural way of dealing with my stress. I was a little hesitant to try it based on the price, but I am so happy that I found a product that actually makes a difference in how I feel every day. I now use a full dropper and I will say that it makes a difference when you hold it under the tongue until it is absorbed which is referred to as sublingual. I didn’t do this at first until I was reading more about CBD products and tried it. Thank you so much Mineral for making my days better!

Takes away my anxiety!

I love this product. I used to get anxious before driving the freeways (here in Southern California) and when I use this product I feel really nothing in my anxiety level, and find myself alert, conscious while driving and relaxed. It’s like where did my anxiety go. This product is wonderful and while I don’t use it everyday, I do use it before a long drive as it just takes away any nervousness and tension yet I am fully aware of my surroundings.

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Balance CBD Oil

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Balance CBD’s hemp is grown at the foot of rocky Mountains in Colorado, cultivated and extracted by American workers, blended with natural ingredients. We utilize a proprietary in-house hydrocarbon technology to extract pure hemp-derived CBD in accordance with the highest standards for quality and reliability.

We’re committed to transparency — that’s why we include QR codes on every bottle, so you can verify our third-party lab reports in real time.

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What’s the Balance CBD Difference?

Balance CBD sets the gold standard in the CBD industry and our values guide everything that we do. From sustainable farming practices to 100% plant based ingredients and uncompromisingly high-standards for quality.We’re the highest quality, lowest priced brand of any on the CBD market.

Whether you’re seeking the most potent tinctures, flavourful gummies, topical creams or pet products, we have a potency and price point to meet your needs. We’re on a mission to make sure that everyone in America has access to CBD that works. It’s our belief that Balance CBD products are the best on the market and we back our claim with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Premium quality CBD at affordable prices

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Top Quality

All products are third-party lab tested

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Say it with me “cann-a-bid-iol“.

CBD products are derived from hemp plants, hemp plants contain hundreds of natural elements that interact with receptors in your body.

Those receptors in your body are responsible for maintaining homeostasis (also known as Balance) and regulating your well-being.

CBD is non-psychoactive but is reviewed to have many therapeutic benefits. Unlike THC, CBD will not make you experience a “high”. This is one of the reasons so many people across America are looking to buy CBD online.

CBD has been studied for its effectiveness for anxiety, sleep, addiction, pain, arthritis, epilepsy and more. You can read more about medically reviewed studies via our linked sources.

In the US, CBD products derived from hemp are legal, this is because they are non-psychoactive (remember, we just said they won’t get you high). For your CBD product to be legal, it must contain less than 0.3% THC. You should use the lab tests of a CBD company to verify the THC content!

CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

This is lab testing is crucial, remember at Balance CBD our products are lab tested an accredited lab.

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