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apricot jelly seeds

Apricot jelly seeds

Great strain for pain and insomnia. You will find that the mendo really goes well with the animal cookie and added more branching and even more..

Apricot Jelly is a cross between Irene Apricot and Jelly Breath BX1.

A super power packed hybrid that will melt your mind and your charcoal filters! Has a lengthy growth pattern so it’s recommended topping or tre..

For all you cherry pie lover’s here you go! These two strains complement each other in the best way! Two very tasty strains in one adds up to a..

In House Genetics List of Seeds

A perfect blend of blueberries and cookies. pbk brought on some good traits to the animal cookies with strong branching and very minimal stretc..

We took the original a-dubb and infused it with our frost monster the platinum.. you want flavor? Yield? I recommend this one to anyone! She’s ..

Big yielding monster buds! More of a commercial strain and very hearty.

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For all of you that enjoy the flavor of sweet grapes this cross will suit you well . Purple infused buds with rather large fan leaves and we re..

Apricot jelly seeds

Gentl and Hyers for The New York Times. Food stylist: Maggie Ruggiero. Prop stylist: Pamela Duncan Silver.

Tart and sweet, tinged with the faint scent of almonds and flowers, apricots are ideal for both eating and preserving. But cooked fruit, no matter how expertly preserved, can never measure up to the flawlessness of its fresh counterpart. To be extraordinary, apricot jam must offer something the fruit, out of hand, cannot. The most seductive flavor apricots have to offer is hidden within their pits. While the kernels, or noyaux, taste bland and bitter, they are rife with the sweet aroma of almonds, vanilla, apricots and lilies. Take the time to crack them from their shells. Steep them into the pot of bubbling fruit, where the heat will coax the perfume out of the noyaux and into the preserves (the heat will also disable the small amount of amygdalin the kernels contain, preventing the body from converting it to cyanide). To intensify the noyau flavor even more, add a generous splash of homemade extract. The resulting jam is an improbable improvement over the natural perfection of ripe stone fruit. Spread the jam on hot, buttered toast. Swirl it into thick Greek yogurt. Slather it between layers of almond or spongecake. Or sneak spoonfuls of it straight from the jar — no one will fault you.