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anubis seeds

Anubis seeds

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600 gr/m2 Indoor | 30-120 gr/pl Outdoor

Anubis is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Somango and Wembley. Anubis is a medium-height, bushy plant whose THC-soaked buds are heavy requiring some support during the latter stages of flowering.

This weed strain will grow happily indoors and outdoors even in higher latitudes due to its fairly short flowering time. Indoor growers should be able to harvest 600 gr/m 2 in 8 or 9 weeks flowering under 600 watt lights from plants that reach a height of 70 – 120 cm. Outdoors plants can reach 180 cm. tall producing as much as 1200 gr/plant with northern harvests in the month of September.

This weed strain has a very pleasant sweet aroma with a taste of mouthwatering grapefruit. THC levels are at 18% with 0.9% CBD. The overall effect is very well-balanced due to the particular proportions of the various cannabinoids, very relaxing but not overly spacey.

Anubis seeds

The feminized Anubis by Pyramid Seeds is the exceptional result of the cross between the excellent producer Chronic and the delicious and sweet Wembley. The day Pyramid Seeds decided to abandon their initial intention of keeping this delicious strain to themselves was a lucky day for every marijuana lover and connoisseur.

Pyramid Seeds’ Anubis reaches a height of 100-120cm and produces an impressive amount of weed in just 56-63 days of flowering. This 70% Indica strain delivers up to 600 grams of incredibly large, sweet tasting buds with a THC level of 15-18%.

Note: Just like Wembley, the Anubis (Greek name for the Egyptian god of the dead, Anapa) requires the help of some support to hold the heavy load of buds, which could bend the branches. Suitable for any cultivation technique.