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ambrosia seeds

Ambrosia seeds

The aerial parts are best harvested when they are most potent as the flower buds appear in late spring/ summer. The pollen from the flowers is extremely fine and can irritate mucous membranes causing stuffy nose and other hay fever type symptoms. If harvesting the herb for drying, I would recommend- ed harvesting it before the flowers open to reduce the chance of pollen reaction during handling of the dried herb. The herb can also be harvested after flowering is finished and the seeds are set, but caution should be used as the seeds are very sharp prickly (don’t walk barefoot on the Ambrosia beach!).

Our own sustainably wild-harvested Ambrosia (Ambrosia chamissonis) seeds for organic growing.

1 pkg (approx 30-50 seeds)

Medicinal Uses
Ambrosia is amazing for easing inflammatory allergic responses. The herb is excellent at drying up excess mucus secretions, such as runny nose and eyes, caused by allergy or head colds. For very bad allergies an initial ‘loading dose’ of 2-3 tsp of tincture is recommended. Leaves can be used as a poultice for bee and insect bites, though I have not tried this.

All seeds are grown on our farm without the use of chemicals; and are open-pollinated, hybrid-free and GMO-free. The seeds are hand-gathered and hand-processed in small batches each year.

It has a mounding habit, spreading fairly low to the ground, with a maximum of about 1ft tall in the centre. Each plant can have a spread of four feet or more.

Native Range
PNW from Alaska to California.

Hardiness Zone

Culinary Uses
None known.

Ambrosia seeds

Before Planting: It is not recommended to start corn seeds indoors.

Shipping Schedule

AVG. Seeding Rate: 1M/500′, 5M/2,500′, 25M/12,500′, 30M/acre at 2 seeds/ft. in rows 36″ apart.

Our Seed Promise

Watering: Corn must be well-watered due to their shallow roots. Corn requires 5 gallons of watering per square foot of crop.

Ambrosia seeds

Untreated Seed.


150 seeds/oz.; 10 lbs./acre; 70°F-75°F soil temperatures at planting.

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