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33 bananas seeds


Pat Heslop-Harrison Department of Biology, University of Leicester LE1 7RH, UK. Article from European Cytogenetics Newsletter 20, 2007.

Figure 2-4. Metaphase chromosomes of triploid (2n=3x=33) banana cultivars stained blue with DAPI. Fig. 2) A metaphase of the export variety ‘Cavendish’ with AAA genome constitution, labelled by in situ hybridization with the 5S (green, b) and 45S rRNA (red, c) gene probes, showing one site of the 45S rDNA in each of the three genomes present in a triploid. Fig. 3) Metaphase chromosomes of the ABB plantain ‘Bloggoe’ shows the 11 chromosomes from the A genome progenitor with the centromeric regions labelled in red (b) by in situ hybridization with total genomic DNA from the wild Musa balbisiana (2n=2x=22), while the remaining 22 chromosomes come from the B genome (diagram in c). Figure 4. Metaphase chromosomes of ‘Obino L’Ewai’ (AAB) showing two chromosome pairs (arrowed) with sites of integration of the pararetrovirus Banana Streak Virus (red; b).

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