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1 gallon weed grow

1 gallon weed grow

I have recently started doing specific sizes during my grows. if you have notice in my journals that i’ve i kept at least one plant at full size in a 1 gal pot and 1 in a 2 gal pot. to see difference in yield from change in container size not plant size. but as well as one is Indica and the other sativa. but with only 2 plants of each kinda size container i really only have 2 sets of test subjects. i was wondering if anybody would like to help me out with this.

and the yields i have and are still in the process of are really just numbers cause i dont have anything to compare.

1 gallon weed grow

This special edition Mandarin Cookes V2 strain produces surprisingly small yields overall. At harvest, I told myself I’d never grow the strain again.

This plant was grown in a 5-gallon container and yielded about 8 oz

High-powered lighting (600W – 1000W+)


What’s the maximum amount of weed you can produce with your setup? Discover the answer today!

3’x3’x6′ (about 1m x 1m x 1.8m) is another common size for grow tent. The square shape is better for some grow lights but my home is small and this size was harder to fit because it sticks out further into a room.

Intense training (such as manifolding) can take extra time…

Light Size

Kayla has the space and container for a massive grow, but her lights will hold her back. She can expect as much as 9oz in good conditions, but bigger lights could yield her much more!

High-yielding strains