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1 gallon cannabis grow

1 gallon cannabis grow

I have recently started doing specific sizes during my grows. if you have notice in my journals that i’ve i kept at least one plant at full size in a 1 gal pot and 1 in a 2 gal pot. to see difference in yield from change in container size not plant size. but as well as one is Indica and the other sativa. but with only 2 plants of each kinda size container i really only have 2 sets of test subjects. i was wondering if anybody would like to help me out with this.

and the yields i have and are still in the process of are really just numbers cause i dont have anything to compare.

1 gallon cannabis grow

Your ‘grow space’ is the area your plants call home. This could be a grow tent, a cabinet, a closet, a PC case, a room in your house, or the great outdoors. Basically, it’s the area that physically limits how big your plants can grow (with walls, fences, etc.).

How This Works

Training is like putting your plants on an exercise regimen! This involves you training the plant into a shape that squeezes bigger yields out of your indoor grow lights while also allowing you to produce bigger yields in a smaller space. You might not be able to turn a naturally low yielding plant into a 2lb plant, but you can definitely make that little so-and-so tougher and more productive than it used to be!


If you’re thinking about growing cannabis for the first time, you probably want to know what yields to expect. You don’t want to invest time and money if you won’t be happy with the results.